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tion in the same way as you." Ramlinga with a very grave face buried the poor washerman up to the neck, and after an hour's time went to the king, and told him that by the personal interposition of a God he had been restored to life; the executioners in the mean time had beheaded the washerman, and were making their report to the king, that they had killed the poet according to the royal commands—The whole Court were consequently astonished to see Ramlinga, and as the king really believed that the poet had been killed and restored to life, by some God; he promised to forgive him the first hundred crimes that he should commit in future.

Ana Vema Reddi had in his possession two beautiful horses of the finest mettle, they were of the Candahar breed, their entire bodies were of a sable color, except the ears which was grey. Krishna Deva had great desire to obtain one of these steeds, and sent an embassy to Ana Vema Reddi, to ask him for one of them, but the latter monarch replied, that if the former would send a poet, who could excel any that he had at his Court, he would give him the horses—when this