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was very extensive, for he had perused the works of a great many authors who had written, in the Sanscrit or vernacular language, he became himself a poet of talents far beyond mediocrity, he translated into Telugu the story of Pururava out of the Purans which treats of the birth of Pururava Chakravatri, sovereign of India of the lunar race, and of his reign and marriage, these subjects are comprised in three chapters.


This poet was born in the Telugu country, he was well versed in all the histories contained in the Purans: he composed a work in two books called "Pitamaha Charitra," the subject of which is taken from the Purans and contains the history of Brahma the creator.


Was a native of the southern provinces, he flourished during the time of the Tanjore Telugu Rajas, he was educated in the school established by those sovereigns. He was thoroughly acquainted with Telugu Grammar. He composed