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According to Aristotle all poetry consists in imitation, and if we allow the remarks of Hermogenes to be true, that whatever is delightful to the senses produces the beautiful, we could not pitch on a spot of the world more abundant in natural objects to excite poetic effusions, than the Peninsula of India, where the face of nature is furnished with features that strike the imagination with scenes, the most sublime, imposing, and delightful, so as to raise all human powers of fancy to an elevation that exalts them to the very sublime, and beautiful : there have consequently been several very eminent bards, who have flourished at different periods in India. According to Hindu accounts, the ancient legislator Manu, Bhugu, and other sages have ordained "Sapta Anga" or seven appendages requisite in the courts of all legal Monarchs; namely, Doctors, Poets, Pa