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widow, and Bhima Kavi is said to have been produced by the operation, of the spirit of Siva. His mother having made several vows. The mother of Bhima, had made vows to propitiate the deity, that her son might become a wise and enlightened man, and it is said, that be acquired perfect knowledge of languages with very little application, and his father the God Siva, had pronounced a blessing, that whatever he expressed by word of mouth, should come to pass. By the works, he left behind him, it appears, that Bhima Kavi had travelled into different foreign countries, such as Karnata, Maharatta, &c. he visited the king of Sajanagar, (named Rayakalingagangu) a town in the province of Kalinga, but as that monarch treated him with great disrespect, and received him in a haughty and scornful manner, Bhima Kavi pronounced a curse, where by the aforesaid king lost all his wealth, and suffered, very severe misfortunes; the king of Sajanagar, however shortly repented of the treatment he had shown to Bhima Kavi, and approaching him humbly he sought his forgive