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Maharayuloo. Her parents had her well educated, and her genius expanded with her age. She had so fertile an invention, that according to tradition she composed the story of Ramayana, while her hair was drying after bathing: this work was widely disseminated after publication, and much admired by the learned, and used at, public schools and other seminaries.


This poet was by cast a Velamawar, he was a native of Adoni, and minister to the Prince of that capital, he was a very learned man, and such hours as he could spare from his public avocations, he devoted to reading and the composition of Telugu verse, he wrote a work called Chandrika Parinaya.


Was the Son of Bommana Pataraju. He was in his Infancy educated by his father, who taught him grammar and other branches of learning. While yet a youth, he composed the Rukmangada Charitra an epic poem in four books,