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and he but a young child the town could not be far off. Whilst he was travelling on, a woman asked our poet what his name was, he replied Srinath, which word signifies, the lord or husband of womankind. "Who then is your mother's husband?" asked the women. It is said, that Srinath was so abashed, that he would not enter the town of Nellore, but proceeded to some other country. Srinath during his life dedicated a great many works to kings and men of note, which drew down the reproaches of his brother-in-law, who accused him of servility, and sordidness in same very severe satires, that he penned for the purpose; this circumstance caused a coolness between the two poets which ended at last in enmity and hatred. Srinath enjoyed a considerable deal of reputation, and died in the fifty-fifth year of his age; his brother-in-law outlived him some years.


This poet was of the Pellala-mari family and a native of Tennala, he lived near the time of Ana Vema Reddi the sovereign of Kondavede.