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educated at Chidambaram, and composed a poem called Tevaram.


A bramin, Tamul poet of the Dravida country and a native of Chidambaram. After leaving school he became very religions, and composed many poems on the deity of Chilambaram. He collected all his effusions together in one volume and called it Chidambaram Cora, he was much respected and esteemed by his disciples, and by all classes of inhabitants, and died in a good old age.


This poet was a religious man and dwelt in Alandi, the ancient Alakapuri, a town situated on the banks of the river Indrani, he had two brothers, one named Sophanadeo, and the other Changadeo, and a sister named Mooktaboye, they were natives of Berhampore on the banks of the Tapi river. Gnanoba entered a religious order at the age of twelve years, and after completing his education, he composed a book on