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mythology support the earth. The name of five of these poets were Allasanl Peddana, Mukku Temmana, Tennala Ramalinga, Dhurjati, Pingala-Surana, Bhattu-Murti, Ayala Raja and Rama Bhadra. These poets were the authors of numerous works of all descriptions of poetry, from lyric odes to epic poems. The fifth mentioned individual was an inhabitant of the village called Bhattu Palla: he became tutor to several inferior bards, who afterwards dispersed themselves to attend the courts of petty paligars and officers of districts, such as Kalyanadurga Royadurg, Gutti, Gurarm Konda, Kandanole, &c. and became panegyrists, they were less esteemed for their poetic powers, than the great masters who proceded them, but they were styled Bhatta-Rajas, and their origin is fully laid down in a paper, communicated by the late Colonel Mackenzie, and published in the Assiatic Annual Register for the year 1804.

The Nayogi bramins, who held official appointments, as ministers, ambassadors, and