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ELESWARA UPADHYA flourished in the seventh century of die Salivahana era, and was a native of the town of Eleswar, which is situated to the westward of Srisaile. From his infancy he made divinity his particular study, and in a short time, attained to such high degree proficiency in learning, that he became the preceptor of numerous pupile, and was styled by way of eminence, Eleswara Upadhya. This surname, however, which conferred a dignity on his native village, has thrown the veil of oblivion over his rest name, which has been lost to prosterity, who only recognize him by the title before-mentioned.

This philosopher and poet made many commentaries on the text of Goutama, called " Smriti Durpana" or the "Mirror of Memory," and after he had completed his forteenth year, he visited Rajas of different provinces, and at their several courts, confuted every other sect that taught doctrines contrary to orthodoxy. This poet wrote a geographical treatise, and in the topography of the Telugu country, divided it into