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This poet was a bramin, and born, according to tradition, in the village called Garikapad, which was formerly in the dominions of Nizam Ally Khan, but is now under the control of the Raja of Chintapilli. He flourished in the fifteenth Century of Salivahana, during the reign of the Chalukya Kings. For twelve successive years he, studied logic, in the schools of Kundinipura, or Kondavede, during which time he made great progress in his learning, and in time wrote a commentary, or a treatise on logic, called "Tarka Sangraha:—the exposition in question consisted of about two thousand verses, which were sent round for examination, and perusal to all the celebrated logicians in the Tulugu country. This work obtained universal approbation, and after it had been carefully revised, he employed various copyists to transcribe it, for the purpose of being distributed to different quarters.

Anam Bhatt established a school for logic in his native town, where his scholars went through a regular course of instruction, and were made