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This poet was a Smartva bramin, and inhabitant of Gandikota, which is the chief town of a distriet of the same name, which has been ceded to the British Government by Nizam Ally Khan—Sitikant flourished in the fifteenth century of the Salivahana aera, and was born in the town first mentioned.

He lost his father during his infancy, and being without friends, was consequently very distressed, and so neglected, that he contracted idle habits, and was without any education whatever, until he was nearly grown up; he at last reflected that he should be despised for his ignorance, and made a journey to Benares or Kasi, where after passing through the rudiments of the Sancrit language, he studied logic very sedulously and after a considerable time wrote a treatise on that science; the work was named "Turka Bhasha Tikka" by him, but his disciples and other people called it "Siti Kanthiyam," as it was written by Siti Kanta, the book contains six thousand verses, and in it every branch of logic