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Stung with indignation, and sorrow Samanat Bhatt proceeded to Benares, where he diligently for the space of twenty years studied Philosophy, Theology, and the liberal arts. When he was a perfect master in all these branches of sciences, he returned to his native country, and on his way visited, severally, the Rajahs of Tekale, Mandassa, and Chikati; and exhibited his learning and talents before themĀ : from each of these Princes he obtained magnificent presents, a Palankeen, and large sums of money. He purchased gold bangles ornamented with flowers in fret work and presented them to his mother-in-law, and the avaricious woman became so delighted with the wealth, and learning of oar Poet, that she heaped blessings on him incessantly. After this Samanat established a school of philosophy, and enjoyed a considerable degree of reputation. He wrote a second commentary on the Memansa philosophy, and this work is entitled, "Somanathyam." This treatise is much used by students, and procured for our Poet a considerable degree of reputation. Somanat had several children and