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This was a sovereign of the Kalinga country whose capital was Katack. He was by cast an Orissa Khatri, and studied Sanscrit from his infancy. Being desisrous of compiling some work for the use of private Sanscrit schools, he at the request of several celebrated Pundits; wrote a Dectionary intitled "Purushottama Neghantu," which was published in the eleventh century of Salivahana and this king died shortly afterwards.


This was a bramin and native of the Kalinga country, he flourished during the reign of Ananga Bhima, king of Kalinga, who built the temple of Jagarnath in the year 1119 of the Silivabahan aera, which is proved by inscription, he composed a work on sexual intercourse, and called it Ananga Ranga, after his royal master.


Was a dramatic poet of the Vystnava sect and an inhabitant of Kanchi, he lived about the time of Krishna Roya Maharajah King of Vydyana-