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hibitions triumphal arches and decorations; the procession of the chariot; the acclamations of the multitude; the beauty of the women; the strewing and scatteriag of flowers, and various other subjects. This elegant poem was dedicated to the God Ranganath, and a copy of it circulated to every Vishnu temple in the Peninsula. It was so much admired that several Rajahs made the author very valuable presents, which made him rich and independent the remainder of his life, towards the close of which, Varada Charya undeviatingly employed his poetic powers in works in praise of the God Vishnu.—This renowned bard died at Kanchi in the fifty-fourth year of his age.


Was a native of a village called Pampa, which is situated on the bank of the Tunga Bhadra river, he was born in the 13th century of Silivahana, and flourished during the reigns of Harihara-Roya and Bukaroya, Kings of Vedyanagar. Madhvabhatt was in very distressed circumstances from his birth, till he was forty years