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ed the poet Vidayanat. Pratapa Rudra being much pleased with the production of the above named poet, delivered to him his ring, with authority to draw what money he pleased, from the bankers of Orongole, by which means Vidaynat obtained sufficient, for the expences of his daughter's marriage and his own comfort and livelihood. The King Anamadeo directed several copies of this author's epic poem to be transcribed and distributed through different provinces, and held in very high estimation, Vidayanat, whom he made principal of a college, which he founded and endowed, and which could boast of numerous students, who were maintained on the foundation. This poet died in the fifty-fifth year of his age, during the reign of Anamadeo.


This was a bramin of the Vystnava Sect, and a native of Kanchi. He lived about the time of Vidyaranya. After he had been invested with the Sacerdotal thread, he diligently perused poetical works, especially those in which the actions of