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leisure hours this poet devoted to reading and the composition of didactic pieces, which being circulated among the literati of the Telugu country, were very highly extolled for their harmony and moral tendency. Potiah derived but little increase of fortune from his works, although they were much esteemed at the Courts of different Kings and Princes. He died at the age of sixty-five, leaving behind him several children to perpetuate his name.


This poet was by cast a bramin, of the Konicharla family, and native of a village called Parima, in the Ellore district, he flourished in the thirteenth century of Salivahana, during the Reign of Sarvagna Singama Naidu. This poet's life furnishes a striking example to shew, that the powers of the mind may lie dormant for many years, until by some fortuitous concurrence of circumstances their energies are brought into action, for in the earlier part of his life, Paddi Bhat was so dull at his learning, that he was universally thought to be a mere blockhead,