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May5th.—Fieldfare last seen.
Turtle Dove arrives.
May6th.—Bullfinch and Sparrow-hawk nest.
May7th.—Young Rooks leave the nest.
May8th.—Chiffchaff and Common Partridge nest.
Song Thrush nests for the second time.
Spotted Flycatcher arrives.
May9th.—Lesser Redpoll nests.
May 10th.—Nightingale nests.
May 11th.—Tree Pipit nests.
May 12th.—Little Tern arrives.
May 13th.—Sand Martin and Oyster-catcher nest.
May 14th.—Redstart, Willow Wren and Common Sandpiper nest.
Red-backed Shrike arrives.
May 15th.—Common Tern arrives.
May 16th.—Whinchat nests.
May 17th.—Common Whitethroat nests.
May 18th.—Nightjar arrives.
May 19th.—Blackcap nests.
May 20th.—Swallow nests.
May 21st.—Wood Wren nests.
May 23rd.—Garden Warbler nests.
May 24th.—Sedge Warbler and Spotted Flycatcher nest.
May 25th.—Puffin nests.
May 26th.—Grasshopper Warbler nests.
May 28th.—Red-backed Shrike nests.
May 30th.—Swift nests.