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common thing to find a "raven tree," containing, amongst its upper branches, a huge pile of sticks, tenanted each year by a pair of Ravens from a date beyond the memory of the oldest inhabitant. Few such now remain, but fortunately quite a number of heronries survive, many of them dating back to the days when knight and dame with hawk on wrist rode through the forest glades.


June1st.—Corncrake nests.
Young Starlings leave the nest.
June2nd.—Young Wheatears leave the nest.
June3rd.—Turtle Dove and Reed Warbler nest.
Greenfinch nests for the second time.
June4th.—Young Magpies leave the nest.
June6th.—Nightjar nests.
June7th.—Young Jackdaws leave the nest.
June 10th.—Young Jays leave the nest.
June 11th.—Young Goldfinches leave the nest.
June 12th.—Young Willow Wrens leave the nest.
June 15th.—Common Partridge hatches.
Young Common Whitethroats leave the nest.
June 16th.—Nightingale ceases to sing.
June 25th.—Cuckoos becoming silent.
June 26th.—Young Spotted Flycatchers leave the nest.