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October1st.—Hedge Sparrow sings.
October2nd.—Pheasants wander in search of acorns.
October4th.—Twites or Mountain Linnets flock.
October5th.—Tree Creeper sings.
October7th.—Skylark sings.
October 10th.—Cirl Bunting sings.
October 11th.—Cuckoo (young) last seen.
October 12th.—Chiff-chaff last heard.
October 15th.—Swallow last seen (average).
October 16th.—Chiff-chaff last noted.
October 17th.—Hooded Crow arrives.
October 18th.—Wheatear last noted.
October 19th.—Redwing arrives.
October 20th.—Two young Wood Pigeons still in the nest.
October 22nd.—Brambling or Mountain Finch arrives.
October 23rd.—Grey Shrike seen.
Thrushes heard on migration at night.
October 25th.—Fieldfare arrives.
House Martin last seen.
October 26th.—Woodcock arrives.
Black Redstart seen.
October 28th.—Migratory party of Blackbirds seen.
October 30th.—Short-eared Owl arrives.
October 31st.—Bullfinches begin to appear in the lanes and hedges.