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The Golden Rule.

Two or three weeks after this, as we came into the yard rather late in the evening, Polly came running across the road with the lantern (she always brought it to him if it was not very wet).

"It has all come right, Jerry; Mrs. Briggs sent her servant this afternoon, to ask you to take her out to-morrow at eleven o'clock. I said 'Yes, I thought so, but we supposed she employed someone else now.'

"'Well,' says he, 'the real fact is, master was put out because Mr. Barker refused to come on Sundays, and he has been trying other cabs, but there's something wrong with them all; some drive too fast, and some too slow, and the mistress says, there is not one of them so nice and clean as yours, and nothing will suit her but Mr. Barker's cab again.'

Polly was almost out of breath, and Jerry broke out into a merry laugh—

"All come right some day or night: you were right, my dear; you generally are. Run in and get the supper, and I'll have Jack's harness off and make him snug and happy in no time."