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"Why, missis," said Jerry, "you can't get there walking through crowds like this! why, it is three miles away, and that child is heavy."

"Yes, bless him, he is, but I am strong, thank God, and if I knew the way, I think I should get on somehow: please tell me the way."

"You can't do it," said Jerry, "you might be knocked down and the child be run over. Now, look here, just get into this cab, and I'll drive you safe to the Hospital: don't you see the rain is coming on?"

"No sir, no, I can't do that, thank you, I have only just money enough to get back with: please tell me the way."

"Look you here, missis," said Jerry, "I've got a wife and dear children at home, and I know a father's feelings: now get you into that cab, and I'll take you there for nothing; I'd be ashamed of myself to let a woman and a sick child run a risk like that."

"Heaven bless you!" said the woman, and burst into tears.

"There, there, cheer up, my dear, I'll soon take you there; come, let me put you inside."

As Jerry went to open the door, two men with colours in their hats and button-holes, ran up, calling out, "Cab!"

"Engaged," cried Jerry; but one of the men pushing past the woman, sprang into the cab, followed by the other. Jerry looked as stern as a policeman: "This cab is already engaged, gentlemen, by that lady."