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shall get a higher place, and be able to help my mother better, I don't think I should have made up my mind to it: it is a real pinch, John."

"Aye James, lad, so it is, but I should not think much of you, if you could leave your home for the first time and not feel it; cheer up, you'll make friends there, and if you get on well—as I'm sure you will, it will be a fine thing for your mother, and she will be proud enough that you have got into such a good place as that."

So John cheered him up, but every one was sorry to lose James; as for Merrylegs, he pined after him for several days, and went quite off his appetite. So John took him out several mornings with a leading rein, when he exercised me, and trotting and galloping by my side, got up the little fellow's spirits again, and he was soon all right.

Joe's father would often come in and give a little help, as he understood the work, and Joe took a great deal of pains to learn, and John was quite encouraged about him.