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Thus from the Noisy Croud exempt, with Ease,
And Plenty blest, amid the Mazy Groves;
(Sweet Solitude!) when Warbling Birds provoke
The Silent Muse, delicious Rural Seat
Of Saint John, English Memmius, I presum'd
To Sing Britannic Trophies, inexpert
Of War, with mean Attempt; while He intent
(So ANNA's Will Ordains) to Expedite
His Military Charge, no Leisure finds
To String His Charming Shell; But when Return'd
Consummate Peace shall Rear Her Chearful Head,
Then shall His CHURCHILL in Sublimer Verse
For Every Triumph; latest Times shall learn
From Such a Chief to Fight, and Bard, to Sing.





Page 6. line 16. for Limitary read Military, p.19 l. 22 f. Navy r. Navies.