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Ahasverus. Then Moses lied to me. You are Prometheus, creator of the first men?

Prometheus. That was my crime.

Ahasverus. Yes, it was your crime,—an artifice of hell; your crime was inexpiable. You should have remained forever, bound and devoured,—you, the origin of the ills that afflict me. I lacked compassion, it is true; but you, who gave me life, perverse divinity, were the cause of all.

Prometheus. Approaching death confuses your reason.

Ahasverus. Yes, it is you; you have the Olympic forehead, strong and beautiful Titan; it is you indeed . . . Are these your chains? I see upon them no trace of your tears.

Prometheus. I wept them for your humankind.

Ahasverus. And humanity wept far more because of your crime.