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the eagle, and it will come; I will tell it that the last man, on departing from life, leaves him a god as a gift.

Prometheus. Poor, ignorant wretch, who rejects a throne! No, you cannot reject it.

Ahasverus. Now it is you who are raving. Kneel, and let me manacle your arms. So, 'tis well you will resist no more. Bend this way; now your legs . . .

Prometheus. Have done, have done. It is the passions of earth turning upon me; but I, who am not a human being, do not know ingratitude. You will not be spared a jot of your destiny; it will be fulfilled to the letter. You yourself will be the new Hercules. I, who announced the glory of the other, now proclaim yours; and you will be no less generous than he.

Ahasverus. Are you mad?

Prometheus. The truth unknown to man is the madness of him who proclaims it. Proceed, and have done.