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the flourishing ones being preserved, but here growth will be eternal.

Ahasverus. Resplendent vision! I myself?

Prometheus. Your very self.

Ahasverus. These eyes . . . these hands . . . a new and better life . . . Glorious vision! Titan, it is just. Just was the punishment; but equally just is the glorious remission of my sin. Shall I live? I myself? A new and better life? No, you are jesting with me.

Prometheus. Very well, then; leave me. You will return some day, when this vast heaven will be open to let the spirits of the new life descend. You will find me here at peace. Go.

Ahasverus. Shall I again greet the sun?

Prometheus. The selfsame sun that is about to set. Friend sun, eye of time, nevermore shall your eyelids close. Gaze upon it, if you can.