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When a leaf stands independently on a single stalk it is called simple. Among the various forms of simple leaves we may mention the following:—

  1. Needle-shaped, when they are long and equally thick and broad (fig. 2).
  2. Elliptical, when they are twice as long as broad (fig. 6).
  3. Orbicular, when they are about as long as broad (fig. 7).
  4. Rhomboidal, when four-sided (fig. 8).
  5. Triangular (fig. 9).
  6. Linear, when they are several times as long as broad, with parallel sides (fig. 3).
  7. Lanceolate, when they are three or four times as long as broad, and pointed at the end (fig. 4).
  8. Elongate, like the last, but with obtuse ends (fig. 5).
  9. Ovate, when the upper end is narrower than the lower, and the leaf is not more than twice as long as broad (fig. 10).
  10. Obovate, when the lower part is narrower than the upper (fig. 11).
  11. Conical, when the upper portion is broader