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immunity to preclude your client from testifying before the Select Committee," end quote.

The select committee then sent counsel for Mr. Meadows a final letter in light of the White House Counsel's Office's stated position. To date, the select committee has not received a response.

In the letters, the select committee informed Mr. Meadows, quote, "the Select Committee will view Mr. Meadows' failure to respond to the subpoena as willful non-compliance. Such willful non-compliance with the subpoena would force the Select Committee to consider invoking the contempt of Congress procedures in 2 U.S.C., sections 192 and section 194—which could result in a referral from the House to the Department of Justice for criminal charges—as well as the possibility of having a civil action to enforce the subpoena brought against Mr. Meadows in his personal capacity," end quote.

Mr. Meadows has not provided any documents or a privilege log, and Mr. Meadows has not appeared today to answer questions or assert privilege objections.

I will mark as exhibit 1 and enter into the record the select committee's subpoena to Mr. Meadows, included with which are the materials that accompanied the subpoena; namely, a letter from the chairman, a document schedule with accompanying production instructions, and a copy of the deposition rules.

I will mark as exhibit 2 and enter into the record a series of letters and emails exchanged between the select committee and counsel for Mr. Meadows. The records include email service of the subpoena by Ms.  , which Mr. Scott Gast accepted on Mr. Meadows' behalf on September 23rd, 2021.

The records in exhibit 2 also include the letters and emails between counsel for the select committee and Mr. George Terwilliger, which I described moments ago. And,