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“You turned a back-somersault” 63
“You balanced an eel” 64
“It is a very good height” 65
She stretched her arms round it 66
She was shrinking rapidly 67
All she could see 68
Her neck kept getting entangled 71
Suddenly a footman in livery came 74
“For the Duchess” 75
“From the Queen” 76
“I shall sit here” 77
The Duchess 78
The cook ... at once set to work 80
The baby 81
She carried it out 83
She ... felt quite relieved 85
Sitting on a bough 87
“Did you say pig, or fig?” 89
It vanished quite slowly 90
The March Hare’s house 91
The other two were using it as a cushion 93
“The Dormouse is asleep” 95
“It goes on, you know” 97
“They lived on treacle” 99
“Learning to draw” 101
And in she went 103
All of them bowed low 108
First came ten soldiers 110
After these came the royal children 111
Next came the guests 112
Then followed the Knave of Hearts 113
And last of all this grand procession 114
It would twist itself 116
She noticed a curious appearance 117
“There’s the arch” 119
“It’s the Cheshire Cat” 121
“You dear old thing!” 125
“And the moral of that is——” 127
“A fine day, your Majesty!” 128
“Now, I give you fair warning” 129
All the players 131
“What fun!” 133
Sitting sad and lonely 135
They began solemnly dancing 141
The Mock Turtle sang 142
“When they take us up” 143
Said a Whiting to a Snail 145
“I can tell you more” 147
She had sat down 150
“Come on,” cried the Gryphon 152
Near the King was the White Rabbit 153
The Knave was standing 154