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[Ch. I.

You will find these seven words——Proposition, Attribute, Term, Subject, Predicate, Particular, Universal——charmingly useful, if any friend should happen to ask if you have ever studied Logic. Mind you bring all seven words into your answer, and your friend will go away deeply impressed——'a sadder and a wiser man'.

Now please to look at the smaller Diagram on the Board, and suppose it to be a cupboard, intended for all the Cakes in the world (it would have to be a good large one, of course). And let us suppose all the new ones to be put into the upper half (marked ''), and all the rest (that is, the not-new ones) into the lower half (marked ''). Thus the lower half would contain elderly Cakes, aged Cakes, ante-diluvian Cakes——if there are any: I haven't seen many, myself——and so on. Let us also suppose all the nice Cakes to be put into the left-hand half (marked ''), and all the rest (that is, the not-nice ones) into the right-hand half (marked ''). At present, then, we must understand to mean "new", "not-new", "nice", and "not-nice."

And now what kind of Cakes would you expect to find in compartment No. 5?

It is part of the upper half, you see; so that, if it has any Cakes in it, they must be new: and it is part