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Of course any other Things would have done just as well as Cakes. We might make Propositions about "a Universe of Lizards", or even "a Universe of Hornets". (Wouldn't that be a charming Universe to live in?)

So far, then, we have learned that


means "some and " i. e. "some new are nice."

I think you will see, without further explanation, that


means "some are " i. e. "some new are not-nice."

Now let us put a grey counter into No. 5, and ask ourselves the meaning of


This tells us that the -compartment is empty, which we may express by "no are ", or, "no new Cakes are nice". This is the second of the three Propositions at the head of this Section.

In the same way,


would mean "no are " or, "no new Cakes are not-nice."