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Ch. I.

This may be taken to be a cupboard divided in the same way as the last, but also divided into two portions, for the Attribute . Let us give to the meaning "wholesome": and let us suppose that all wholesome Cakes are placed inside the central Square, and all the unwholesome ones outside it, that is, in one or other of the four queer-shaped outer compartments.

We see that, just as, in the smaller Diagram, the Cakes in each compartment had two Attributes, so, here, the Cakes in each compartment have three Attributes: and, just as the letters, representing the two Attributes, were written on the edges of the compartment, so, here, they are written at the corners. (Observe that is supposed to be written at each of the four outer corners.) So that we can tell in a moment, by looking at a compartment, what three Attributes belong to the Things in it. For instance, take No. 12. Here we find , , , at the corners: so we know that the Cakes in it, if there are any, have the triple Attribute, '', that is, "new, not-nice, and wholesome." Again, take No. 16. Here we find, at the corners, , , : so the Cakes in it are "not-new, not-nice, and unwholesome." (Remarkably untempting Cakes!)

It would take far too long to go through all the Propositions, containing and , and , and and , which can be represented on this diagram (there are ninety-six altogether, so I am sure you will excuse me!)