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§ 7.]
  1. All pigs are fat;
    No skeletons are fat.
  2. No monkeys are soldiers;
    All monkeys are mischievous.
  3. None of my cousins are just;
    No judges are unjust.
  4. Some days are rainy;
    Rainy days are tiresome.
  5. All medicine is nasty;
    Senna is a medicine.
  6. Some Jews are rich;
    All Patagonians are Gentiles.
  7. All teetotalers like sugar;
    No nightingale drinks wine.
  8. No muffins are wholesome;
    All buns are unwholesome.
  9. No fat creatures run well;
    Some greyhounds run well.
  10. All soldiers march;
    Some youths are not soldiers.
  11. Sugar is sweet;
    Salt is not sweet.
  12. Some eggs are hard-boiled;
    No eggs are uncrackable.
  13. There are no Jews in the house;
    There are no Gentiles in the garden.

[See pp. 75–82]