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Ch. III. § 5.]

§ 5. Smaller Diagram.
Symbols interpreted.



1. Some are not-,
or, Some not- are .

2. No not- are not-,
or, No not- are not-.

3. No not- are .

4. No not- exist. i.e. No Things are not-.

5. No exist. i.e. No houses are two-storied.

6. Some exist. i.e. Some houses are not built of brick.

7. No are . Or, no are . i.e. No houses, built of brick, are other than two-storied. Or, no houses, that are not two-storied, are built of brick.

8. All are . i.e. All houses, that are not built of brick, are not two-storied.

9. Some are , and some are . i.e. Some fat boys are active, and some are not.

10. All are . i.e. All lazy boys are thin.

11. All are , and all are x. i.e. All fat boys are lazy, and all lazy ones are fat.

[See pp. 46, 7]