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Prof. Trust me, Sir, you are absolutely and amorphologically mistaken: yet time would fail me to show you wherein lies your error, for indeed I must now leave you, being bound for this great performance of music, which even at this distance salutes your ears.

Pisc. Yet, I pray you, do us one courtesy before you go: and that shall be to resolve a question, whereby my friend and I are sorely exercised.

Prof. Say on. Sir, and I will e'en answer you to the best of my poor ability.

Pisc. Briefly, then, we would ask the cause for piercing the very heart of this fair building with that uncomely tunnel, which is at once so ill-shaped, so ill-sized, and so ill-lighted.

Prof. Sir, do you know German?

Pisc. It is my grief, Sir, that I know no other tongue than mine own.

Prof. Then, Sir, my answer is this, Barum nicht?

Pisc. Alas, Sir, I understand you not.

Prof. The more the pity. For now-a-days all that is good comes from the German. Ask our men of science: they will tell you that any German book must needs surpass an English