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that the y's were all on one side. However, as repeated trials produced the same irrational result, the process was finally abandoned.

II. The Method of Indifferences.

This was a modification of 'the method of finite Differences,' and may be thus briefly described:—

Let E = Essays, and R = Reviews: then the locus of (E + R), referred to multilinear coordinates, will be found to be a superficies (i.e. a locus possessing length and breadth, but no depth). Let v = novelty, and assume (E + R) as a function of v.

Taking this superficies as the plane of reference, we get—

E = R = B
∴ EB = B² = HL (by the last article.)

Multiplying by P, EBP = HPL.

It was now necessary to investigate the locus of EBP: this was found to be a species of Catenary, called the Patristic Catenary, which is usually defined as 'passing through origen,