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Contributors to the Tenth Volume

AIKEN, CHARLES F., S.T.D., Professor of Apologetics, Catholic University of Amer- ica, Washington: Mencius; Monotheism; Neve, Felix-Jeaii-B;iptiste-Joseph.

ALDASY, ANTAL, Ph.D., Archivist op the Library of the National Museum, Budapest: Matthias Corvinus; Munkdcs, Diocese of; Neusohl, Diocese of; Neutra, Diocese of.

ALMOND, JOSEPH CUTHBERT, O.S.B., Supe- rior of Park's Hall, Oxford: Mechitar; Mech- itarists.

ALSTON, G. CYPRLAN, O.S.B., Downside Abbey, Bath, England: Monasteries, Double.

AMADO, RAMON RUIZ, S.J., LL.D., Ph.L., College of St. Ignatiu.s, Sakria, Barcelona, Spain: Minorca, Diocese of; Mondofledo, Dio- cese of.

ARENDZEN, J. P., Ph.D., S.T.D., M.A. (Cantab.), Professor op Sacred Scripture, St. Edmund's College, Ware, England: Messahans; Mith- raism; Nasorjeaus.

AUCLAIR, ELIE J., B.A., S.T.D., J.C.D., Univer- sity OF Laval, Montreal, C.^n.^da: Montreal, Archdiocese of.

AUGUSTINE, FATHER, O.S.F.C, Franciscan Capuchin Monastery, Dublin: Mathew, Theo- bald.

AUSTIN, SISTER MARY STANISLAUS, St. Catharine's Convent op Mercy, New York: Mercy, Sisters of.

AVELING, FRANCIS, S.T.D., London: Matter; Mivart, Sir George Jackson.

BACCHUS, FRANCIS JOSEPH, B.A., The Ora- tory', Birmingham, England: Mennas; Mo- nasticism, II. Eastern Monasticism Before Chalcedon.

BARNES, Mgr. ARTHUR STAPYLTON, M.A., (OxoN. and Cantab.), Cambridge, England: Neophyte.

BARRETT, MICHAEL, O.S.B., St. Michael's Abbey, Farnborough, England:, Abbey of.

BARRY, WILLIAM, S.T.D., Leamington, Eng- land: Newman, John Henry.

BAUMGARTEN, PAUL MARIA, J.U.D., S.T.D., Domestic Prelate, Rome: Mirabilia Urbis RomEe; Monsignor.

BEECHER, PATRICK A., M.A., S.T.D., Professor of Pastoral Theology and Sacred Elo- quence, Maynooth College, Dublin: Mo- riarty, David.

BENIGNI, UMBERTO, Professor op Ecclesias- tical History, Pont. Collegio Urbano di Propaganda, Rome: Massa Carrara, Diocese of; Massa Marittima, Diocese of; Mazzara del Vallo, Diocese of; Melfi and RapoUa, Diocese of; Messina, Archdiocese of; Mezzofanti, Giuseppe; Milan, Archdiocese of; Mileto, Diocese of; Mint, Papal; Modena, Archdiocese and University of; Modigliana, Diocese of; Molfetta, Terlizzi and Giovinazzo, Diocese of; Monaco, Principality and Diocese of; Mondovi, Diocese of; Monopoli, Diocese of; Monreale, Archdiocese of; Montal- cino, of; Montalto, Diocese of; Monte- feltro. Diocese of; Montefiascone, Diocese of; Montepulciano, Diocese of; Montes Pietatis; Moroni, Gaetano; Muro Lucano, Diocese of; Naples; Nardo, Diocese of; Narni and Terni, United Dioceses of; Nepi and Sutri.

BERTRIN, GEORGES, Litt.D., Fellow of the University, Professor of French Liter.4- ture, Institut Catholiqde, Paris: Miracle Plays and Mysteries; Moliere (Jean-Baptiste Poquelin); Montaigne, Michael Eyquen de.

BESSE, J. M., O.S.B., Director, "Revue Mabil- lon", Chevetogne, Belgium: Mendes de Silva, Joao; Mercedarians; Monasteries, Suppres- sion of.

BESTE, KENELM DIGBY, S.J., St. Beuno's Col- lege, St. Asaph, Wales: Menevia, Diocese of.

BEWERUNGE, H., Professor of Church Music, Maynooth College, Dublin: Neum.

BIHL, MICHAEL, O.F.M., Lector op Ecclesiasti- cal History, Collegio San Bonaventura, QuARACCHi, Florence: Matteo of Aquasparta; Myron, Francis.

BOUDINHON, AUGUSTE-MARIE, S.T.D., D.C.L., Director, "Canoniste Contemporain", Pro- fessor OF Canon Law, Institut Catholique, Paris: Mensa, Mensal Revenue; Metropolitan; Minor; Minor Orders; Monseigneur.

BRAUN, JOSEPH, S.J., Bellevue, Luxemburg; Mitre; Morse; Mozzetta.

BREHIER, LOUIS-RENE, Professor of Ancient AND Medieval History, University op Cler- mont-Ferrand, PuY-DE-DoME, France: Mi- chaud, Joseph-Frangois; Montfaucon, Bernard de.

BROCK, HENRY M., S.J., Ore Place, Hastings, England: Mayer, Christian; Moigno, Francois.

BROSNAHAN, TIMOTHY, S.J., Profe.ssor op Psychology and EthiCs, Woodstock College, Maryland: Mazzella, Camillo.