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and two years later made her vows at the novitiate d'Or in France, and is suffragan of Lyons. This

in Conflans. She was then sent to Marmoutiers, see is filled by Rt. Rev. J. R. Maurice Landrieux.

Tours, where she worked for thirteen years, the bom in Triquy, fVance, 1857, ordained 1883, served

last eight of which were spent in the position of as secretary to Cardinal Langeuieux, made an

superior. In 1872 Mother JDigby went as superior honoraiy canon in 1888, vicar general in 1894, titular

vicar to Roehampton, the house of her order in canon in 1901, archpriest of the cathedral 1912,

England, a post which she filled for twenty-two appointed bi^op 6 December, 1916, to succeed Rt.

years. The Society flourished under her wise Rev. Jacques-Louis Monestes, who was appointed

guidMice and six new houses were opened in 11 August, 1911, d. 31 March, 1915. Dunng the

England; she also made the first foundation in World War 211 priests and 65 seminarians were

Australia, where the Society now has many houses, mobilized from tnis diocese, and of this number

Mother and tool

The newly' elected superior general died the fol- guerre. By latest statistics the diocese is divided lowing year, and Mother Digbv was unanimoudy mto 37 deaneries comprising 620 parishes and counts chosen to succeed her. One of her first works in a Catholic population of 350,044. A former bishop this new position was to visit the houses of the of this see. Bishop DadoUe, was honored by Car- Order in Canada, the United States and Mexico, dinal Maurin in 1919, when he placed a bust in the where no superior general had ever beeii. The church of Villemontais, the bishop's native town, great work of her generalate, however, was the in the diocese of Lyons.

conducting of the retreat of her order from France, thwii««aw-i t.,^^,^ /^ n w ttt *h>»i.\ u where by the nefarious Laws of Suppression forty- onniwrlal Lotteni (cf. C. E., IV-797b) can be six houses were closed in rapid succession. The granted for the ordination of a secular, by his crisis found her prepared, for with characteristic proper' bishop, provided he have taken possession insight she seemed to have realized from the jj ^ ^u ®^®° ^, ^® ^® ^®* ^^K consecrated. By b^gSaing what the outcome would be. For every **^® *5"? proper, so far as seculara are here con- house closed in France a new one was opened ^J???' i^ meant only the bishop of the diocese m elsewhere, so that when the work of destruction ^^<r^ ^^ candidate has a domicile together with had been completed the Society as a whole counted ?"P^ o' a simple domicile without origin; m the a larger number of centers than it has possessed i**^®^ ^»?® ^^^ candidate must swear that he mtends in the days of peace. Every member of the ^ f®°^**^ perpetually m the diocese, unless he is Society found another home in other lands alike ^ ^^^^^ ah-eady mcardmated in another diocese by in spirit and rule to the one from which she had ^^ tonsure, or is a student for the service of been expeUed. In 1909 Rev. Mother Digby trans- another diocese, or is a professed religious. Letters ferred the mother-house of the Society to Ixelles, ?»y, P? granted by a vicar general, authonzed by Brussels, and it was there that she died. Her ™ bishop. A vicar capitular with the consent of body was taken to Roehampton where she had the chapter can grant letters if the bishop has been worked for so many years. ^e*° ^ yepj before that time they can e granted

TV ^ °^y to those who have received or are about to

Blgne, Diocese OF (Dinibnsis- cf. C. E., IV-793b), receive a benefice, or to one who is to occupy an

Ba8Be&-Alpes, France, includes the titles of the sup- oflSce which the needs of the diocese require to be

pressed dioceses of Riez and Listeron in the de- filled without delay. A vicar capitular granting

partment of Aix. The present (1922) incumbent dimissorial letters in violation of these provisions

of the see, Rt. Rev. Jean Joseph Martel, was bom incurs ipso facto suspension a divinis; ne is for-

21 September, 1880, at St. Benoit in the diocese, bidden moreover to grant the letters to one who

studied at Aix and Digne, was ordained priest 29 had been rejected by the bishop. Anyone who

June, 1885, was professor at the Lower Seminary, had himself ordained without letters or with forged

went to Paris m 1885, made preceptor, general dimissorial letters would be ipso facto suspended

secretary of the bishopric and the director of the from the order received. Vicars and prefects apos-

"Semaine religieuse" m- 1891; honorary canon in tolic, abbots or prelates nullius, even non-episcopal,

1893; superior of the Institute of the Immaculate can grant letters for minor and major orders to

Conception and vicar general, appointed bishop 27 seculars under their jurisdiction. Letters are not

November, 1917; proclaimed 10 March, 1919, sue- to be granted imtil the prescribed canonical exami-

ceeding Mgr. Lenfant (b. 6 January, 1858; d. 6 nation into the candidate's antecedents has been

August, 1917). According to the (1922) statistics made. Letters for exempt religious are granted by

the diocese comprises a population of 107^231; 292 the major superiors, but only for tonsure and minor

parishes, of which 94 have no resident priests, 367 orders in the case of those who are professed of

priests in the parishes and 75 others, 12 convents, simple vows; non-exempt religious are treated like

diocesan missionaries established in 1918. In 1917 seculars. The regular superior must address his let-

the late Bishop Lenfant restored the public daily tere to the bishop of the diocese in which the

prayer in the chapter. religious house is situated, except when that bishop

-^ .^^ — /^^T^TTTiwv^NA grauts permission, or belongs to another rite, or is

Dignltleg. EccLEMAsncsAL (cf. C. E., IV-794).— A absent, or is not holding ordinations at the pre- capitular digmty is a canonry, which not merely gcribed time, or is dead and has left no one with IS entitled to precedence but confers, or formerly at episcopal orders to take his place. On the other least conferred. Jurisdiction m the internal forum, ^and, a bishop in granting letters may direct them e. g. the archdiaconate, or archipresbyterate. ^q ^ny bishop in communion with the Holy See TTiough the erection of the office of capitular dig- ^^q is of the same rite as the candidate, the re- nity and appointments thereto are reserved to the gtrictions placed formerly on the suburbicarian car- Holy See, a bishop may, with the consent of the finals and^clerics who had remained more than four chapter, restore the office if it has fallen mto abey- months in Rome having been removed, ance

Blocesaa Chancery (cf. C. E., IV-799).— In each

Dijon* DiocESB OP (Divionbnsib; cf. C. E., IV- curia a priest is to be appointed by the bi^op

794c), comprises the entire department of C6te as chancellor; his chief duty is to take charge of