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tralians, 100 Irish, 500 German, 300 33rrians, and The bishop is Rt. Rev. Marie-Luc- Alfonse-Emile

about SXK) of other nationalities. Barillon, b. 18 October, 1860, at Chartres, appointed

By the present (1921) statistics there are 21 10 May, 1904, consecrated 18 September, j)roclaimed

parishes, 85 churches, 30 mission stations, 36 con- 14 November following, succeeding Mgr. Ren6-

vents for men, 48 secular priests, and 7 regular; MichelF^,b. 4 February, 1856, d. 20 January, 1904.

14 lay brothers (10 Marists and 4 Redemptorists) ; Since 27 November, 1920, the bishop has a coadjutor

340 Sisters (Dominicans, Sisters of Mercy, and in the person of M^. Louis Perrichon. titular Bishop

Sisters of St. Joseph) ; 5 high schools with 20 of Corona. The bishop and all the clergy belong to

teachers and an attendance of 230 boys and 420 the Society of Foreign Missions of Paris. During the

girls; 52 elementary schools with 120 teachers and World War twelve of the priests were mobilized, of

an attendance of 5300. The only Catholic Listitute whom three were killed, and ten died of exhaustion

for Deaf Mutes in Australasia is conducted at in the mission, so that the number of missionaries

Waratah by the Dominican nuns, and counts 55 has decreased since the war, but the native der^,

girls and small boys among its pupils; an orphan- for whom there is a seminary at Penang, are bemnnmg

age for girls is conducted at Maitland by the Sisters their labors on the mission. There are in the diocese:

of Mercy and has 85 children, and a hospital at 33 priests having charge of 69 churches and chapels.

Waratah is also under the direction of these Sisters. 52 schools with 10,675 pupils, 25 orphanages and

A number of the public institutions admit the crfiches with 808 children, 49 Brothers of the Christian

priests of the diocese to minister in them, and the Schools (7 communities), and 86 Sisters of the Infant

government allows a small grant to the Catholic Jesus. The English schools receive a "grant-in-aid"

orphanages for their support. The Sick Cleroy from the government.

K^lt Sl^er^^td^^^ Ix"S^)*^?^Kn^^s^a^r^r^^^^^^^

T£L^^!^n Almanfn i^^^^ ^' bom in Seville, 1877, named archpriest of Huelva

The Diocesan Almanac is published annually. ^^ ^^^^ ^ p^Vate chamberlain in 1913, appointed

Majorca and lyiza, Diocbbb of (Majoricbnbib titular Bishop of Olympia 6 December, 1915, and

ET iBtrsENSis; cf. C. E., IX— 556d), suffragan of °^ade auxihary at Malaga, where he succeeded 22

Valencia, with the residential seat at Palma on the April, 1920, Rt. Rev. Juan Munros y Herrera (d.

Island of Majorca. The present bishop is Rt. Rev. 26 December, 1919). The 1920 statistics credit the

RiK)bert Domenech y Vafio, b. 15 November, 1870, diocese with 542,440 Catholics; 135 parishes divided

at Valencia, ordained 19 May, 1894, honorary chap- among 16 archpresbyteries, 373 priests, 147 chapels

lain and preacher to His Majestv in 1906, appointed or sanctuaries, and 68 convents with 106 religious

bishop 5 May, 1916, proclaimed 4 December follow- and 842 Sisters.

ing, succeeding Mgr. Pietro-Juan Campins y Barcelo, Tbr«n«-w /^^ ll>r«r«,»t*T^ rir/w^a. «• /A>r.r^«T b. 14 January, 1859; d. 1915. The cathedral churcli „™"H?~ J'^'p ^^y iL? ^^«°I- ^J^f^^^ was restored in 1904. In 1909 the remains of King nihn»i8; cf. C. E X-104a), compnses the two Jaime III were transferred from Valencia. There Belgian provinces of Antwerp and Brabant The are in the diocese (1922): 71 parishes and 23 affiliated ecclesiastical provmce of Malines is coextensive parishes; 371 churehes; 684^ular and 60 regular ^**^ %,B«J8^*^ kingdom (suffragan bishopries, ^ests; 9 monasteries for women; 41 convente for Toumai, Liege, Namur, Ghent and Bruges) The men aiid 142 for women; 244 l^y brothers; 1674 f?<^^^°<^ ^if^^'^rP?!'^*^ ""t^^^^^^ i St Rombaut is Sisters; 1 seminary with 244 seminarians; 4 colleges J^® ^**\»^^*i °^ }^g Archbishop of Malmes, who is for bo^ with 75 t4che« and 219 pupils; 11 colleies *^« T'^^K °^ BeJ8»M°^- a uu^f^'^'^TTiPf?"^ for gu-ls with 125 teachere and 1200 pupils; 4 ^^^P^ Cardinal Mercier, Archbishop of Malmes, acad^es with 20 teachers and 90 pupils; 204 founder of the Institute of Philosophy at Louvain elementary schools with 546 teachere and 18,120 and eminent patnot, is known throughout the worid pupils; 3 asylums; 10 hospitals, 2 refuges; 3 lay ]^J 5*« beanng towards a triumphant enemy and charitable centres, 4 day nureeries. The Govern- ^^ devotion and unceasiM labor for his people ment maintains 200 schools; an Institute and a normal S?"^^."^ and God during the late war. Cardinal school for men and women teachers. Three societies ^^J?? ^^o^^'S ^^ Breme-l Alleud m the Diocese are organised among the clergy. There are 60 ^^ Malin^, 21 November, 1851 entered the semi- organizations among the laity m Palma and 200 ??ry of Malin^, 1 October, 1870, ordained 4 Apnl in the towns. The Catholic press is represented by {f^,i student at Louyam, professorat seminary of eleven periodicals. The population of 297,194 u Malines, professor at Louvain (1822) director of entirely Spanish and Catholic with the exception of Institute of Philosophy at Louvam 1891, president 60 French and-20 English. The diocese lost two of ?£j**e Leonine m 1892, prelate to Holy See m its prominent men by the death of Don Miguel Jg^S' °^™^ Archbishop of Malmes 7 February, Mauro, brother of Antonio Mauro, present president iff^> consecrated by the Apostolic nuncio Mgr of the CouncU of Ministere, and Don Jos^ Mari y»co, at Malmes 25 March and enthroned 16 April Quadiado. polemist, archalogist, and histoiian. following, succeeding Cardinal Goossens, deceased. Vduauiauu, pu tuuioi., u. ugmt, » u uiaw mu. Created Cardinal 15 April, 1907, received the hat

M alacca, Diocese of (Malacensis; cf. C. E., IX-^ and title of San Pietro in Vincoli 18 April follow-

562c). in the Malay Peninsula, comprises Singapore ing. During the German occupation Cardinal Mer-

Islana, the Malacca territorv proper, Penang Island, cier was kept under constant surveillance and

Province Wellesley, Perak, Selangor, Negri-Sembilau, suspicion, shut in his palace many times and hin-

Pahan, Johore, Kedah, Trenganu, Kelantan, Patani, dered in his ministry but he dared to face the

Perlis, and several Siamese provinces on the west coast enemy, to protest to German authorities in person

uj) to the Isthmus of Krah, with an area of about 700 and by letter against their actions in Belgium. The

miles from north to south^ and 200 miles from east to Cardinal became recognized as a spokesman for

west. The diocese is sunragan to Pondicherry, with the oppressed country, his letters to the German

episcopal residence at Singapore. It has a total officials and German bishops and to his own flock

population of about 3,500,0^ and a Catholic popula- effected good results and showed the Cardinal to be

tion of 41,760, of whom about 8(X)0 are Europeans one of the greatest figures of the age. Cardinal

and Eurasians, 18,000 Chinese, and 16,(X)0 Indians. Mercier has been decorated and honored by many