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anicie lou, wmcn runs as louows: u; ^ne reaenu no loreigner snaii aci^uire uiicuu i/wuc*b*-i# w. .--- —

authorities shall have exclusive power to exercise in and waters. The United States refused to consider

matters of religious worship and outward ecclesiastical this as annulling its obligation to protect its citizens .

forms, such intervention as by law authorized. (2) _, . ^ /ii>r™^,«*»T*.i«oTo. nf

Marrikge is a civil contract. ^3) The law recognizes ^ >^co, Abchdiocbsb of ..(Mehcanensis, cf.

no co^rate existence of the religious associations C. E., X~269c , a metropolitan see of Mexico

known as churches. (4) The ministers of religious eompramg the city "^^ state of the same name. U

sects shall be considered as persons exercising a pro- w fiUed by Most .Rev. Jos6 Mora y del Rjo^ bom m

fession and shall be directly subject to the fcws Pajacuar&n,.Mexico, 1864, studied at Zamo^^^

  1. »na/.t^ «n ti»«. aiiKiA^f ^fi^ Tho SfAte lAiri«lniiiro« nhall South AmcHcau College m Rome, ordainea m i5/«,

iiuuiucrui niuiisusns ui rcuKiuuH acuta uvciujuiui^ lAj buc ~— 7 VwT^ \ iTx r -lond ««««.ofA»Mw4

needs of the locality. (6) Ministers of religious sect bishop of Tehuontepec 19 January, 1893, J^sfen^

shall not anv any public gathering or private meeting to Tulancmgo 12 September, 1901, ^gam tranrfe^d

criticize the fundimentiS laws of the country, thi ^?^° 15&p1«mber, 1907, and promoted to M^^

authorities in particular, or the government in gen- 2 December 1908. He was named an a^wtant

eral: they shall have no vote, cither directly or indi- at the pontifical throne 6 October, 1910, andby a

rectiy, nor shall they be allowed to assemble for decree of the consistory, the followmg November He

poUtical purposes. (7) Before consecrating new tem- was made president of the Mexican episcopate, n^^

plea of worship to public use permission must be ob- w assisted by an auxiliary, Rt. Rev. Maximmo Kuiz ,

tained from the Department of the Interior. (8) The whose titular see is Derbe. An important event hM

caretaker of each place of worship, together with ten taken place m Mexico m the restoration of the Apo^

other citizens of the place shaU promptly advise the tolic Delegation which since the beginning of tne

authorities of the minister appointed or of any change more violent political troubles has been m the hands

of ministers. (9) Under no conditions shall studies of the apostolic delegates at Washington. Mgr.

carried on in ecclesiastical institutions be ratified or ^^ippe wManpomted titular Archbi^op of bwm^^^

be granted any other dispensation or privilege which and. named delegate, 22 July, 1921. Anotherimiwr.

shall have for its purpose the ratification of thesaid tant development m the afc^^^^ocese has been t*^e

studies in official institutions. (10) Periodical reli- organization of a Confedemtion of Ca^olic Associar

gious affairs

regarding the act of the authorities of the country ui TTiw^.v 1. *"."!." x j * -. u;- a^^u ^^a

oFprivate individuals in public life. (11) Every kind ^^S ^}'^ archbishop, separated from his Aock, and

of political association whose name shall bear any exiled from his countpr, celebrated the silver jubilee

word or any indication relating to any religious belief of his episcopate, with a f ew mtunate "lends, at the

is forbidden. (12) No minister of any rePigious sect mother-house of the Sons of the facred Heart, at

may inherit on his own behalf or by means of a trustee San Antonio, Texas. According to 1920 statistics

any real property occupied by any association for the archdiocese counU a ?f tholic TOpidaUon of

religious or charitable purposes. (13) Any real and 1,839 250; 620 secidar and 218 regular clergy, 230

personal property oertaining to the clergy or to reli- parishes and 1000 churches and chapels,

gious iMtitutions sliall be governed IB conformity to Michigan—The total land area of the State of

article ^ of this constitution. (Article 27, clause 2 Michigan is 67,980 square miles. In 1920 the

reads: The religioi^ associations known as churches ^i^^j^^n was 3,663,412, an increase of 30.5 per

irrespective of creed shaU in no case have legal capa- ^^ ^^at of 1910 (2310,173). The average

city to acquire, own, or administer real property or ^J^ ^ inhabitants to the square mile was 63^,

loans ma4e on such property. AU such real property l^'ll^^^ 45.9 i^ 1910. Of the population 61 per

shall vest m the nation and any one shall have the „ „f "* ^ iirKon

right to denounce property so held. Presumptive °®5r ^^ uroan. • u , a..^*.

pfoof shall be sufficient to declare the denunciation , Economic CoNDmoNS.-The a^ul^

^U founded. Places of public worship are the prop- ^or the year ip included 64 3^,M0t^^

erty of the nation as represented by the Federafgov- corn, 20^234 000 bushels of wheat, 3^75,000 bushels

emment which shall determine which of them may of oats. ^ The value of ^ool was S26^43,0(X). The

continue to be devoted to their present purposes, state had 2;»4,000 sheep, 640,000 horaes, 1,646,000

Episcopal residences, rectories, seminaries, orphan neat cattle, and 1,450000 swine. I» J.^lo the figj

asylums, collegiate establishments of religious asso- catch in the Great Lakes was worth $1,430,322.

ciations and convents or any other buildings buUt or The manufacturing statistics of Michigan areas

designed for the administration, propaganda, or follows: establishments, 8285; capital, $2,337.0(J3,000;

teaching of the tenets of any religious sect, Siall forth- persons engaged m manufacure, 547,925 ; value of

with vest as of full right directly in the nation to be products, $3,447,984,(X)0. Michigan manufactures

used exclusively for the public services of the Federa- about 75 per cent of the entire output of motor

tion or of the States within their respective mrisdic- vehicles m this country. The value of the output

tion. All places of public worship which shall be late of the mines was $199,264,604 for the year 1918.

erected shall be the property of the nation.) (14) No In 1919 there were m the state 8982 miles of

trial by jury shall ever be granted for the infraction of railway and 947 miles of electric railway ;duru:^

any of the preceding proinsions. Back of the refusal the year, 50,089,000 net tons with 68,235,542 short

of the United States to recognize the present govern- tons of freight passed through the St. Maiy s Canal,

ment of Mexico is the discriminating Clause 6 of situated at Sault Ste Marie.

Article 27 which reads as follows: "Only Mexicans by Education. — ^There are 23,051 teachers in the pub- birth or naturalization have the right to acquire owner- lie schools and 683,373 pupils; the total appropria- ship in lands, waters and their appurtenances, or to tion from all sources in the last fiscal year was obtain concessions to develop mines or waters in $^,141,150. All children are compelled by law to Mexico. The nation may grant the same right to attend some school at least five months in the year, foreigners, provided they agree to be Mexicans and unless shown to be property taught at home, not invoke the protection oftheir governments under The state laws governing public and private schools