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1850, at Beaumont, professor at the upper seminary Monteagudo, Anna de los Angeles, saintly

in 1883, titular chancellor in 1888, appointed titular Dominican religious, b. at Arequipa, Peru, in 1602;

Bishop of Acmonia 4 August, 1907, and coadjutor d. there on 10 Januanr, 1686: dau^ter of Sebastiano

at Montaubon, consecrated 21 September, pro- and Franciscan (de Le6n) Monteaagudo. She was

claimed 19 December following, to succeed 10 Jan- educated in the Dominican convent of St. Catherine

uary, 1908, Mgr. Adolphe Josue Fr^eric Fiard (b. of Siena, Arequipa, and later, after overcoming the

12 December, 1821; d. 10 January, 1908). objections of her parents, she entered the same order ,

There are, according to 1922 census : 327 parishes, where she reproduced the life of virtue of her sainted

335 churches, 340 8ecu{ar priests, 10 regulars con- coimtrywoman, Rose of Lima. In 1648 she was

sidered as diocesan missionaries, 14 congregations appointed mistress of novices, and after a life of virtue

of women, contemplative or hospitaler in 37 houses, sne died in the odor of sanctity in her ei^ty-fourth

convents, hospitals, and orphanages; 2 seminaries, year. The cause of her canonization was introduced

upper and lower, with 22 seminarians in the upper at Rome on 13 June, 1917.

and 65 in the lower seminary, 1 college for boys 'm'^^4.^#^i*«^ -nk /ru. r n 1?

with 26 teachers and 270 boj^ 2 for girls with 26 y ko^^ ?;.°'***^?*' of (F^siustbana; cf. C. E..

teachers and 205 pupils, lift elementary schools ^T^?^^'"^K^P""'™fK°^"'^"'n'*^*S^^^«S£

with 41 men and 208 woien instructors, iith 1412 SLVf^'rijJ tlL'SH°fo^^*'%^%^H;^S?l

So"o.^ln^f±' \^T4lli;r? ^r^ft.^e'^rSv Sof the iiocel^ta1o,3lo'- iS^S^^^m pS^:

10 orphan wylums 16 hospitals, 1 refuge, 1 day j^g ^ . . ^ ^^^ .^^ ^ semmariana

SaTn. ?L%»eTr ^TgTniiSf alSonTt^i 24 brothersfoO Sisters, affig churJhes and chapels!

clergy: Society of St. John the Evangelist (for Montefiascone, Diocese of (Montis Falisci?

defunct priests), Priests Adorers, Apostolic Union; cf. C. E., X— 529a), in the province of Viterbo, Italy,

among the laity; Cathohc Union, Catholic Youth, dependent directly on the Holy See. The present

Patronages of boys and girls. "La Croix," of Tarn- bishop is Rt. Rev. Giovanni Rosi, b. 1872, elected

et-Garonne, "Catholic Bulletin" (Semaine reli- 1910. The Catholic population of the diocese is

giuse), and the "Parochial Bulletin" are published 30,0(X). There are 17 parishes, 69 secular priests,

in the diocese. 16 regular priests, 50 seminarians, 12 Brothers, 80

In June, 1921, Mgr. Marty ordained the former Sisters, and 77 churches and chapels, colonel of the artillery Rollin, officer of the Legion

of Honor, croix de guerre, and the son-in-law of Montenegro. See Jugoslavia.

^^L^f'nSLrlT^ ^"'°' Tam-et-Garonne, Count Montepulciano, Diocese of (Montis Polihani),

Uenri Ltelbreil. j^^ ^^^ Province of Siena, in Tuscany. The diocese

Monte Oasslno (cf. C. E., X-526d), a Benedictine is directly subject to the Holy See. Its bishop,

abbey nuUius of the Cassinese Congregation, in the Rt. Rev. Giuseppe Batignani, bom in the diocese

province of Caserta, Italy, with an extensive terri- of Siena in 1856, who came to this see 28 November,

tory comprising 58 parishes, 214 churches, and a 1898, died 9 November, 1921. The population of

population of 130,000, with 90 secular priests. The the diocese numbers about 16,000. There are 18

present abbot is Dom Gresorio Diamare, bom parishes, 26 churches, 1 monastery (Capuchin), 1

1865, professed 1888, ordained 1891, claustral prior convent for men, 30 secular and 6 regular priests,

1908, elected Archabbot of Monte Cassino 1909, and 3 Brothers, 12 Sisters, 1 diocesan college with 35

president of the Cassinese Congregation 1915. The students, a conservatory for women with 5 teachers

community of Monte Cassino numbers 26 priests, and 20 students, 1 normal school with 8 teachers

2 clerics, and 21 lay brothers. The total number and 40 students, an elementary school with 18

of students in the college is 100, and there are teachers, 1 asylum, and 1 hospital. During the

50 clerics in the seminary. A monastery of Bene- World War the diocese contributed its quota of

dictine Nuns, with a community of 15 Sisters, is priests and men to the arm^, while the laity and

under the jurisdiction of Monte Cassino. clergy at home took an active part in Red Cross

Monte OUveto Magglore, Abbey Nullius op ^^ ^^^®^ ^*'* ^°^^- (S. Mariab Montis Oliveti Majoris; cf. C. E., Monterey and Los Anceles, Diocbsb of (Mon- XI— 245a), ij» the province of Siena, Italy, dependent tbrbybnsis bt Angblorum), comprises the lower directly on the Holy See. The abbey was the birth- part of the State of California. Right Rev. place of the Ohvetans, andwas founded m 1313 by Thomas James Conaty, who filled this see from 27 St. Bernard Tolomeo. The Piccolommi family March, 1903, died at Coronado, Cal., 18 September, increased the resources of the abbey . the abbey church 1915^ ^nd was succeeded by the present incumbent, being one of the most remarkable in It^^. The Rt. Rev. John J. Cantwell. Bishop Cantwell was abbey was declared exempt from the jurisdiction of ^om at Clonmel, Tipperary, Irelancf, in 1874, made the Bishop of Piacenza and erected m an abbey his studies at the college of St. Patrick at Thurles, nuUiiisbv Clement Xin 18 Jan^ 1765, confirmed ^^s ordained 1899, became vicar general of San as such by Leo XIII in 1899. ^present abbot prancisco and was appointed Bishop of Monterey nulliusi8DomMauroParodi,b. 1856, became abbot and Los Angeles 21 September, 1917. During the 10 Sept., iyi7. World War this diocese sent four chaplains over- Monte Vergine, Abbey Nullius of (Montis seas, three others took charge of local encamp- ViROiNis; cf. C. E., X— 538d), a Benedictine abbey ments, and a good proportion of the men of the of the Cassinese Congregation of Primitive Observ- diocese went into the service, while the activities ance, situated in the province of Avellino, Italy, of those at home received the commendation of The present abbot nullius is Dom Ramiro Marcone, State officials.


16 clerics in the seminary. Dependent on the abbey New parish schools, Catholic high schools for

are 3 convents of Sisters. In the Benedictine abbey girls and religious communities have been estab-

there are 9 prieste, 9 clerics, 3 novices and 8 lay fished in the diocese. The religious communities

brothers. found here at present are: men, Benedictines,