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however, he must be admitted to profession or sent 23 October wrecked the bishop's house, the seminary

away; if the 8Ui)erior8 should be in doubt as to his and a score of churches, and some 200 people were

fitness, the novitiate may be prolonged, but not killed or drowned. During the World War the people

beyond six months (the NormsB of 1901 had said of the diocese, encouraeed by the word and example

three months). In order the more to safeguard the of the clergy, subscribed largely to the various liberty

liberty of those who are aspiring to religious life, loans. In tne present year (1921) the Benedictine

the superioress of nuns whether exempt or not must Missionary Sisters of Tutzing, Bavaria, opened the

inform the local ordinary at least two months before college of St. Agnes in the town of Albay, on 22

anyone is admitted either to the novitiate or to pro- February.

fession whether temporal or perpetual. The local The Catholic population of the diocese is approxi- ordinary^ or a priest deputed oy nim is to examine mately 830,805, of whom about 500 are Chinese, 300 the aspirant at least thirty da3rs before her reception Spaniards, 5 Americans and 830,000 Filipinos. There or profession, to see if she is acting of her own free -are 100 parishes, 100 churches, 2 convents foi women, will, from pious motives, and if she understands 136 secular priests and 18 regular, 1 Brother, 23 what she is about to do; if the report is favorable Sisters, 1 seminary with 35 seminarians (including the aspirant may be received or professed as the preparatorians). The educational institutions in- case may be. Beforemakingthe vows of profession, elude 1 college for men with 10 teachers and 280 however, every novice must make a spiritual retreat students. 2 colleges for women with 23 teachers and for at least eif^ht whole days, two days less than the 265 students and 98 elementarv schools with 294 Norms prescribed. teachers and 11,250 pupils. The Apostolic Union

The canonical regulations regarding nuns confes- is organized amon^ the clergy and a Catholic Fed r-

sors apply to the case of female novices. In institutes of ation among the laity, men there are to be one or more ordinary confessors,

according to the number of novices; the master of Nuova Pamplona, Diocese of (Neo-Pampilo- novices or his assistant may not hear sacramental nensis; cf. C. E. — 149b), in Colombia, South Amer- confessions of any of their novices, unless when in a ica, is a suffragan of Bogota. It is at present (1922) particular case the novice of his own accord for an under the administration of Rt. Rev. Raphael Af ana- urgent reason aJsks them to do so. The ordinary dor y Cadena. b. at Barichara, in the Diocese of So- confessors should live in the house of novices, if the oorro, 4 April, 1871, ordained 3 July, 1898, vicar institute is clerical; if. however, it is lay they should generalofSocorro.appointed 5 June, 1916, consecrated come frequently to tne novitiate for confessions; in 3 September, proclaimed 7 December following to sue- addition extraordinary confessors should be appointed, ceed Mgr. Evariste Blanco, b. 25 October, 1855; d. to whom the novices can go in special cases, ana 15 September, 1915. There are in the diocese (1920) masters of novices are warned not to show an^ dis- 51 parishes, 8 secular and 7 regular priests, 76 churches pleasure if a novice exercises this privilege. Fmally , or chapels, and a Catholic population of 250,480 souls, at least four times each year the superior must appoint

an extraordinary confessor to whom all the novices Nueva Segovia, Diocese op (Noy^ SEOoBiiG.

must go at least to receive a blessing. cf. C. E., XI- 149c), is one of the ei^ht suffragans ot

KiNANB. Nuna and Sittert in irith Bed. Record, XII (1918). the Archdiocese of Manila in the Philippine £lands.

cL«2mn®I^**;;*,S^^ ^^^' ^'""^•"*^"- it is under the administration of Rt. Rev. Pierre- ' ' Joseph Hurth, C.S.C., born at Nittel in the diocese Neuva O&ceres, Diocksb op (db Cacerbs, cf. of Treves on 30 March, 1857, and appointed Bishop C. E., XI— 148c), is one of the eight suffragan sees of Dacca on 26 June, 1894, transferred to the see of of the Archdiocese of Manila, Philippine Islands. It Milopotamus in 1909 and again transferred to Nueva comprises the provinces of Camarines, Camarines Segovia in 1913. He came to this see as successor to Norte, Albay and Sorsoeon in the southern part of Rt. Rev. James J. Carroll, who had resigned 12 Luzon, the province of Masbate and the sub-province October, 1912, on account of a serious accident which of Catanduanes thus including a territory of 7386 sq. had befallen him on a pastoral visit in Abra. miles and a population of 837,193 (census of 1918). In 1913 a violent typhoon which visited the north- As earl^ as 1595 tne Church had made so much em part of Luzon destroyed or seriously damaged a progress m these parts that Clement VIII created great number of the churches in the territory north of the diocese of Nueva CAceres taking its name from Vigan. On 27 November, 1914, the whole diocese the town of Nueva C4ceres founded in Camarines joyously celebrated the first anniversary of the res- Sur in 1579 by Pedro de Chaves in honor of Francisco toration of the Society of Jesus in recognition of the de Sande, second Govemor-Greneral of the Philippine great service which these Fathers have rendered the Islands and a native of Cdceres. The first bishop church in Nueva Segovia. In addition to their other appointed was Fray Pedro Bautista Bldzquez, a labors they direct the episcopal college and seminary flranciscan, who was then evangehzing in Japan, of the diocese. The same clay saw the close of the having been sent by the Spanish King on an embassy second synod at which nearly all the priests of the to the Mikado, Taicosama. He never took possession diocese Had assisted.

of his see, nor was he consecrated, for with twenty-five In 1919 the diocese mourned the death of Mr. others he was martyred at Nagasaki, 5 February, Enrique Quema, a leader among the men of the 1597. He and his companions were canonized by province, who had always used his wealth and influ- Pope Pius IX, 8 June, 1862, and San Pedro Bautista ence in the cause of the Church. In 1921 the death was made the patron of the diocese of Nueva Cdceres, of Mgr. Antonio Padila, prothonotary ad instar, and The first bishop to rule the see was Francisco de Vicar General of the diocese, caused a serious loss: on ^rt®8*' . . two different occasions he had acted as administrator The present mcumbent is Rt. Rev. John Bernard of the diocese. The clergy lost another staunch MacGinley, bom at Croa^, diocese of Raphoe, Ire- supporter through the death of Miss Filomena land, in 1871. and after bemg ordained and receiving Donate, a woman of ability and wealth, who took an the degree of doctor of theology, he was cardinated active plart in all charitable works and a special inter- in the diocese of Philadelphia. JEle was elected to the est in supporting numerous catechism classes and see of Nueva C&ceres on 2 April, 1910, consecrated maintaining a number of schools in the missions of the 2 May following and publicly acknowledged 27 Abra and in poor parishes.

November, 1911. The total population of the diocese of Nueva

In 1916 a destructive typhoon which occurred on Segovia is 1,367,700 (by the census of 1919), of which