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Palestrlna, Diocese of (Praenebtinensis; cf . In addition to the death of Bishop Junguito the

C. £., XI — ^Ib), a suburbicarian diocese in Italy, diocese has suffered the loss of several other promi-

united with Ostia in virtue of its tenure by Cardinal nent and zealous workers in recent years: the Rev.

Vinoenzo Vannutelli, dean of the Sacred College (see Joseph A. Sanguillen, vicar general under Bishop

Ostia). The Catholic population of the diocese is Junguito, who died at the age of eighty-two;

45,700. There are 24 parishes, 62 secular priests. 47 Manuel Jean, a distinguished Catholic layman,

regular priests, 42 se min a rian s, 114 religious and 96 who founded an orphan asylum for girls, which he

churches and chapels. entrusted to the care of the Sisters of Charity of

i>om4*«« rkT«vr^«» «« /AnA^^m-^Tara. ^t n t? YT ^^' Vincent de Paul; Pablo Arosemena, a promi-

Pamlew,Dioc^EOP (Apamibnbw;^^^^ ^.^^ lawyer and poUtician, who was one 435c), with the united titles of CouserMs and time President of the RepubUc of Panama. Mirepoix, comprises the department of Ari^e and ^^^ ^g^^ ^^ Cathediil of Panama and all the 18 suffragan of Tours The present (1922) bishop of churches which had been damaged during the the diocese is M^. Pierre MarceiUac appointed m Revolution have been restored, the first ecclesias- 1916 to succeed Mgr. Izart, promoted to Bourges. tical Synod of Panama was held in 1916 and theo- Born at Grenade-sur-Garonne, diocese of Toulouro, logical and moral conferences for the clergy have 10 July, 1863, Bishop MarceiUac was ordained m been established. The seminary and all the reUg- 1888. He was profe^or of moral theology m the ious associations have been reorganized, several higher seminary in Toulouse m 1905, and seven new parishes added and many societies, the years later became the pastor of St. Jerome's in Knights of Columbus, Knights of the Sacred that city, whence he was raised to the episcopate. Heart, Knights of St. John, LaSalle Association Statistics of the diocese for 1921 give: 332 par- for young men and Union of Catholic Workere, ishes, 367 churches, 40 missions, 10 stations, 306 have been organized. Recent years have been secular priests, 1 convent of Carmehtes, 8 religious marked by a revival of faith and religious spirit orders of women, 2 seminaries with 100 students m throughout the community. The rehgious inter- ^^ ^ academies for girls with 60 teachers and ests of the Catholics in the Canal Zone are cared 1000 pupils ; 1 boarding school for boys with 90 for by the priests of the Congregation of the Mis- pupils; 8 free schools for boys with 1200 pupils, gion of St. Vincent de Paul belonging to the east- and 30 for girls with 2000 pupils; 20 homes and em province of the United States, whose central 22 hospitals. . ,. tt • ^^use is at Philadelphia. They take care of Bal-

Amon^st the clergy there are the Apostolic Union, boa, Cristobal and the intermediate points along

Association of Priests Adorers, Association for a the Canal; the men of the army and navy are

Happy Death, and the Society of Sacerdotal Voca- attended by special chaplains appointed by the

tions. For the laity there are the Union of Catho- United States Government

lies and of Heads of Families, the Propagation of in addition to the religious communities akeady

the Faith, Apostleship of Prayer Sodality of the established in the diocese (the Jesuits with 6

Children of Mary, and others. Catholic pubhca- priests and 3 lay brothere; one Lazarist priest; and

tions include "Semaine Catholique," "La Croix de the Discalced Augustinians with 2 priests and 1

UAriege,' "La Jeune Ariege," "Bulletin des Voca- lay brother), many other communities have been

tions Sacerdotals," "Banniere de Mane," and Bui- introduced within recent years. The Franciscan

letm historique du Diocese de Pamiers." A decree Sisters have opened a college for girls in Panama

of March, 1910, united to the diocese the titles of and have more than 200 pupik, the Bethlemites

Couserans and Mirepoix. have charge of a government asylum for male

Pamplona, Diocese op (Pampilonbnsis; cf. C. E., children with about 60 boys, and the Daught«^ of

XI^37c), suffragan of Saragossa, Spain. The pres^ Mary Help (Mana Auxihadora) of Don Bp^

ent bishop is Rt. Rev. Jos6 Lopez 5viendoza y Garcia, ^^^^^ founded an orphanage for girls, assisted by

b. 1848, elected to the see of Jaca 1891, transferred ^*^^ Salesian Cooprators^ .^ . . ,

to Pamplona 1899, assistant at the pontifical throne ,. According to the latest census the total popula-

1916. The area of the diocese is 3495 square miles and <^\9° of Panama is 62,000, of whom 20,000 are Oath-

the Catholic population 275,000. There are 839 olics of either white, or negro races, with some

parishes, 1049 pnests, 621 churches and chapels, 110 ^^^ thousands, mulattoes. Great numbers of these

convents with 276 members of rehgious orders of men negroes, however, w-e not Panamanian, but immi-

and 460 Sisters. grants from the West Indies, brought m for the

Canal work. The diocese comprises 46 parishes,

Panama, Diocese of (Paxamanensib, cf. C. E., 82 churches, 3 missions with 2 mission stations, 48 XI — 438c), was erected by Leo X, on 9 September, secular priests and 14 regular, 18 Christian Broth- 1513, according to the papal Bull held in the ers, 1 seminary with 3 seminarians. The educa- diocesan archives. For manv years an inconsider- tional institutions include 1 college for men with able appropriation was paid by the Government to 18 teachers and 300 students, 3 colleges for women the Conciliar Seminary and Missions, to partly with 26 teachers and 500 students, 1 normal school fulfill the obligation to pay to the diocese a fixed with 10 teachers and 400 students, 1 industrial sum in compensation for church property previ- school with 3 teachers and 150 pupils, and numer- ously confiscated by the Colombian Government; ous elementary schools throughout the Republic, however, in 1915, the National Assembly voted that the capital alone having 10 with 3000 pupils. Tliere even this appropriation should be discontinued. are a number of charitable institutions: 1 home

The former bishop, Rt. Rev. Francis X. Junguito, under the Sisters of St. Vincent de Paul ; 1 asylum

S.J., who had administered the diocese for ten in charge of these same Sisters; 3 American Gov-

years, remedying as far as possible the damage ernment hospitals, 1 at Panama and 2 at Colon;

caused by the Colombian revolution, died on 21 1 charitable center under the Brothers and 1 day

October, 1911, and was succeeded by the present nursery in charge of the Bethlemites. The public

incumbent, Rt. Rev. William Rojas Arrieta, C. M., schools permit the priests of the diocese to minis-

who was bom in Cartago, Costa Rica, 25 June, ter in them and the Catholic asylums receive

1855. He was preconized on 21 March, 1912, and financial aid from the Government. Two Catholic

consecrated Bishop of Panama on 18 August of papers, 1 weekly and 1 monthly publication, are

the same year. published in the diocese.