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the celebrant. His Grace, the Archbishop of St. length is 365 feet, its greatest width 204 feet. The

Louis, preached the sermon. An appropriate sou- area of the clear or open auditorium is 13,500 square

venir containing a brief historical sketch of St. Ix>iiis feet. The height of the main dome is 227 feet.

100 years aso was published by the Catholic Historical The exterior is close textured gray granite from Ck>n-

Socie^ of St. Louis, An afternoon service was held cord, N. H. Interiorly the cathedral is brick set in

at the St. Louis New Cathedral, at which a number cement, which later is to be overlaid wiUi mosaic

of old French canticles were sung by a select choir, and marble. The estimated cost of the cathedral

and an address made by the Rt. Rev. Mgr. P. W. was $3,000,000.

Tallon, on the early French Catholic days in Missouri. Stfftistics for the archdiocese are: 425,692 Catholics,

The two celebrations, however, that stand out most 300 parishes, 370 churches, 79 missions, 79 stations,

Srominently, were the dedication of the new Kenrick 4 monasteries for men, 20 convents for men, 360

eminary, and the blessing and formal opening of the secular priests, 242 regular priests, 12 seminaries,

New Cathedral on Lindell Boulevard. 1 university, 4 colleges for men, 17 academies for

On 21 April^ 1913, on a choice tract of land out- young girls, 10 high schools with an attenduice of

side the city lunits, called Glennon Park, the Most 1766, 3 training schools, 120 elementary schools with

Rev. John J. Glennon turned the first spade of earth an attendance of 38,000, 6 industrial schools with an

for the foundation of the new Kenrick Seminary, attendance of 1000, 6 missionary works, 9 homes,

The layingof the comer stone of this institution took 6 asylums. 10 hospitals, 4 refuges, 5 settlement

place on Thanksgiving day, 27 November, 1913. houses, 4 aay nurseries. Oto 12 September, 1915, visitors' day, a crowd rated

close to 25(000, was admitted to inspect the completed Saint Martin da Pannonia. See Martinbberg. buildinfls just before the opening of the scholastic

year. The opening of the new seminary for class . 8t. BCary, Sibtbbb op (Beaverton, Ore.), founded

work took place on 15 September; the solemn dedica- m 1886 by Archbishop Gross of Ore^n City. The

tion of the institution on 27 April, 1916. Archbishop number of Catholics m the archdiocese at that time

Glennon blessed the new bmldings and the statelv was small, and the^r were scattered over a large

chapel. Pontifical Mass was celebrated by His territory. The archbishop, recognizing from the first

Excellency, the Most Rev. John Bonzano, D.D.. the value of Catholic education as a potent factor in

Apostolic Delegate. The sermon was preached spreading and preserving the faith, was anxious to

by His Grace, the Most Rev. Archbishop Edward establish parochial schools throughout the arch-

J. Hanna, D.D.. of San Francisco, Califomia. diocese, and to accomplish this gjeatwork more suc-

Twenty-two memoers of the hierarchy and more cessfullly founded the Congregation of the Sisters of

than 350 prelates and priests from every part of ti^e St. Mary, at Sublimity, Oregon. On the feast of the

United States assisted at the function. . Assumption, 1886, five youngwomen consecrated their

The dedication of the New St. Louis Cathedral lives to the service of the Divine Master. An old,

took place on 18 October, 1914. The ceremony was abandoned school building which, together with a

the simple blessing of the new church as found m the tract of land, had been donated to the archbishop for

Roman ritual. Archbishop John J. Glennon of- educational purposes, served as the first mother-

ficiated in this ceremony. After the blessing Ponti- house of the little community. They made tilieir

fical Mass was celebrated by the Rt Rev. Bishop novitiate under the direction of the Benedictines, and

John J. Hennessy, D.D., of Wichita, Kansas. He during that time laid the foundation of their spiritual

was assisted by the Rt. Rev. Mgr. Joseph A. Connolly, life. The object of the congregation is to labor in-

V.G., P.R., as assistant priest. The Revs. J. J. cessantlv for the salvation and instruction of ^outh

Tannrath, chancellor of the archdiocese, and James in academies and parochial schools. Archbishop

T. Coffey, pastor of St. Leo's Church, St. Louis, were Gross, as the foimder of the community, took an

deacons of nonor; the Rev. F. J. Jones, deacon of the active interest in its spiritual and temporal progress.

Mass, and the Rev. E. J. Lembes, sub-deacon. He confided the spiritual direction of the community

Archbishop Glennon, who preached the sermon, was to Father Wemher^ O. S. B., who, after three years

attended by the Very Rev. M. S. Ryan, C. M., of zealous labors, died 1 January, 1889. and was sue-

President of the Kenrick Seminary, and the Rev. ceeded by the Riev. Joseph Fenler. After a growth

'. W. Tallon, rector of the Visitation Church, as of six years the commumty spread to other fields of

deacons of honor. The Rev. Martin S. Brennan labor. In January, 1891, the first mission-house was

was master d ceremonies, assisted by the Rev. John opened at Verboort, Ore. Two months later the

P. Spencer, S. T. L. Thous^ the function was very Sisters assumed cham of the diocesan orphanajge

simple.the Kt. Rev. Bishops Thos. F. Lillis of Kansas at St. Mary's near Beaverton. Vocations steaduv

City, John Ward of Leavenworth, John Cunningham increased. The erection of a larger building witb

of Concordia, Morris Francis Burke of St. Joseph, suitable accommodations became an imperative need.

Richard Scannell of Omaha, honored the occasion Sublimity had no railroad facilities, and it was de-

with tibeir presence. At the time there was no cided to seek another situation for a new mother-house,

permanent altar in the cathedral and the Mass was A tract of land beautifully situated at St. Mary's,

celebrated at a temporary altar brought from the within easy reach of Portland, was donated by a

abandoned cathedral chapel. The cathedral itself was generous benefactor for this purpose. On 15 August,

in an unfinished state tmroughout and the only relief 1893, the comer-stone was laid, and in the following

from bare brick was afforded by the Ladv Chapel January the archbishop solemnly dedicated the oon-

which was finished in Italian mosaics. About 30 vent to Our Lady of Perpetual Help. With this

priests were present and a full choir of 200 seminarians approval, the novitiate was transferred from Sub-

from the Kenrick Seminary, assisted bv a male limity to St. Maiv's. The community was now es-

choir of 40 under the direction of Prof. Camille tablished on a solid basis and a code of rules approved

Becker, chanted the Gregorian Mass of the dedica- by the archbishop was adopted. On 2 Nov., 1^8,

tion. Over 7000 people were present. About 5000 the founder of the community died. Six months

of these were within tne building and the other 2000 later he was succeeded in the archepiscopal see oy

were grouped in the vestibule and at the Lindell the Rt. Rev. Alexander Christie, formerly Bishop of

Boulevard front alon^^ the Newstead Avenue side of Victoria, B. C. Under his supervision the SuS^rs

the edifice. The seatmg capacity of the cathedral is of St. Mary progressed, and their rules were revised

2500, with the galleries about 3500, its ultimate and perfected by the Jesuit Fathers. At present

capacity being 5000 to 6000 persons. Its greatest (1922) the Sisters conduct two academies for girls and