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about 2050 marriages and 14,000 baptisms ia the constituency; the Federal Council of Churches of

diocese in the year 1921. Christ in America; the World Conference on Faith

and Order.

Ucayallf (St. Francis or Ucatali), Pbefbcturb I— Most of the sporadic or limited movements Apostolic or jcf . C. E^ XV— 117d), in Centr^ have been treated in the various articles on the sects, Peru, is confided to the Jriars Minor, and governed but for convenience the most important may be sum- by Very Rev. Francesco Irasola, O. F. M., elected marised here.

28 January, 1913. He resides at St. Francis of (i) a concordat was entered into by members of

Ucavali. the Protestant Episcopal Church and of Congre-

The prefecture contains (1920) 10,000 inhabitants national churches in the United States^ March, 1919,

of whom 5140 are Catholic, and 100 catechumens, bearing chiefly on orders and the ministration of the

12 missionary priests, 10 lay brothers, 24 churcehs sacraments. It later fell somewhat into abeyance

and chapels, 1 parish, 17 Christian communities anh although final disposition is to be made in the con-

6 residences. ventions of 1922.

TTi94Ti« A»/.»..T^„o» ^« /^TTmT^T«^rfl,a. ^t n IP (2) In 1916 a basis of union was agreed upon by the

Y^^fiu^'^^iSI:^?^^ 2.1 ^^7?T^®i-' *(• ^K-^7 joint committees of the Presbyterian, Methodist, and

P;r^^^^ ' '^"^Jf^'**^'?' ^^^J ^iS^ "^^^^^ Congregational churehes of Canada, the union to be

to the Holy See. lliis sw is .fiUe< by .Mc«t ^^ kno^^ "The iTnited Church of Canada." As

Antomo Anaatasw B^r bom m Milan m 1864; he ^^ ^^22), however, the plan has not been put into

made his studies in Rome, became a professor m the execution

seminary of PavU, then vicar general ajd honorary (3) ^ ^j^,^^ ^^^ ^f ^^^ Presbyterian, Methodist

canon in^t diocese, municipi counseUor and nro- and Congregational churches of Australia was pro-

vmcial 1902-08, was made a pnvate chamberlain noBPHin 1Q1R full mnnrtu on f Hp rpjnilf not vpt bpintr

in 1905 and appointed bishop 8 January, 1910. J^We

In February, 1917, he was named a ^and oflBcer of /^\ jj^ '1919 proposals were made for chureh union

the crown o! ltal;r. The cathedral, budt in 1236, and j^ ^g^^^h India, the parties to the proposition being

^0^5^ several times, was most r«5ently ^oaired m ^^ AngUcan Ctureh, the South India tinted Chureh

^t^\ ^A ^ocese comprises 272 parishes, 602 (constitoted in 1908 and embracing the two congre-

churehes, 4 monasteries for men and 1 for women, 2 g^tional bodies: the London Missionary Society and

convents for men and 68 for women, 644 secular and ^^ American Board of Commissioned for Foreign

32regulMclergy, 10 brothers, p Sisters Isemm^^ Missions: and also the Chureh of Scotland, the

285 seminanaM, 4 higher schools for boys and lO u^^d i^ Church of Scotland, and the buteh

for girls, and 18 professional schools. One misaonary Reformed Chureh of America) and the Mar Thoma

ayociation cames on chantable works ajid 2 homes, g^^ Chureh. Final action has not yet been

34 asylums, 10 hospitals, 2 refuges, 1 settlement iigDorted

house and 2 day nurseries are established. One society ^^ j^' 1913 ^^ Kikuyu'in British East Africa a

IS formed amona the clergy, a number amoM ttie ^^^^^ meeting, participated in by Anglicans, was held

laity, and several Catholic periodicals are published. (^ ANGLiCANiSi). Jn 1918 a similar meeting

Uganda, Vicariate Apostouc of (Ugandensis; (without the accompanying incidents) was held at

cf.C.E.,XV-413a), erected in 1894 aa the Vicariate Jjjf «\°^S,P^' the associatog parties bemg the

ApostoUc of Victoria Nyanza Northern, and changed ^}^S^^, Mismonary Society (Andican), the Chureh

to its present title by a decree of 16 jiiiuary7l915. of Scotland Mission, Afnca Inland Mission (^^

It is entrusted to the White Fathers, the present i^\ organization), a^d the United MeUiodist

vicar being Rt. Rev. Henry Streicher, named 21 ^^^^ ¥^^S^ * constitution bemg propo«ed for a

January, 1897, and appointed titular Bishop of E~i?i*®4 "^A"*?^, ^^ M««^°,^ .Societi^ . in

Tabraca 1 FebAiary, following. He is assisted by a ^"^"^ ^ast Africa" and ratification is now bemg

coadjutor Rt. Rev. Jean Forbes, appointed titular ^HSPv 1010 j tno/\ 1 j *•*

Bishop of Vaga, 17 November, 1917. Episcopal , (6). In 1919 and 1920 proposals were made paitjcu-

residences are established at Katirondo and Kampala. J^^'y, ^ accordancewith th«» statement of the Lambeth

The vicariate, which comprises the greater pait of ^5^®^^ Hl?^tS' ^^^S^^u^^?"! )^ ^u T*

the royalty if Uganda, is illustrioiS for Se 22 of England Mid the Wedeyan Methodist Chureh, but

blacks martyred for the Faith, who were beatified "^^ rejected by the latter on the question of epis-

in 1920. Latest statistics, collected in June, 1919, ^^^r «Ato ^u t>-^ * •c^ r 1 /-it u /

credit it with 171,651 Catholics, 60,126 catech^ens ^ (^ In 1918 the Free Eyangehcal Churehes of

Sisters, 1314 catechiste, 725 schools mving instruc *J*® ^edenl Council of the Churehes of Christ in

tion to 10,172 boys and 7622 girls, and 52 charitable ^^%^' .r^.^ .x^^^ r .u u^- • .u tt ♦^

institutions caring for 378,003 sick people. During a*?^ In 1917 three Lutheran bodiw. m the Umted

the year 1918-19 baptism was administered to 3593 ^^\ r® J^°"^^' j^^M.*r^?!?P^' ^^

adults, and Easter cbmmunions, and communions of Hauge s Synods united under the title of the Norweg-

devotion totaled 2,085,316. ^ Lutheran Chureh of America, and m 1918 three

' other Lutheran bodies m Amenca, the General Svnod ,

ITgento, Diocese of (Uxentinensis; cf. C. E., the General Council, and the United Synod ^uth,

XV — 119b), in the orovince of Lecce, Southern united, adopting the name United Lutheran Chureh

Italy, is suffragan of Otranto. Rt. Rev. Luigi Fug- ^ America.

liese, transferred to Ugento 22 July, 1896, still (1922) W ^ 1^20 in the United States representatives of

fills the see. There are in the diocese (1920) 70,000 ^^^ Armenians, Baptists, the Christian Chureh,

Catholics, 30 parishes, 125 secular and 4 regular Christian Union of the United States. Congregational-

prieste, 10 semmarians, 120 churches or chapels. iats. Disciples, Evangelical Synod ot North America,'

Friends (two branches), Methodists (Primitive),

Union of Christendom — Recent manifestations of Methodist Episcopalians^ Moravian Chureh, Presby-

the niovement toward reunion may be treated terian Churen in the Umted States of America. Prot-

imder three heads: various sporadic and in a sense estant Episcopal Chureh, Reformed Episcopal Cnureh,

local movements, generally affecting only a limited Reformed Church in the United States, United Presby-