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Peter and Vicar of Christ he bad no greater desire Unitaa FntnuD. See Bohemian BHrmSEN

than that there should be one fold and one ahepherd. _. ,, ^ __ .. . _

Hifl Holineas added that the teaching and practice of OMt«I EvanfeUcil Olorcli. See Albkigbt

the Roman Catholic Church regarding the unity of Bmthbbn

the visiWe Church of Christ was well known to Trai^MMU Hm>1u1o Hmucs. CatmcH of thb

evenHtwdy and therefore it would not be possible for 8_. n^T^jZ^T^ "•"^•. f^HtmcH OF THE.

Che Oat^c Church to take part in such VCongrew 8«NBWTHonQBT

astheonepropoaed. His HoliQeaa, however, by no TmivuMlltta (cf, C E XV 181b) This sect

means wishes to disapprove of the Congress m quea- reported in 1B22, in the United States, 660 churches,

boa for those who are not in union with the Chair of aai ministers, and 68,«6 members.

Poter; on the contrary he earaeetly desires and pravB Stiigiout BodUi. tete (WMhinctoii, 19IS): Ynr Bfk a/ lit

that, if the CongreHs is practicable, thoae who take C^<n*u (Saw York, uniul).

part in it may, by the grace of God, see the light and "• A. Wbbkr.

become reunited to the visible Bead of the Church, TTinr«n»«M-K« u.,..-..™. a~,c»s..^ ,s- /ttv^

by whom they will be received with open arms." „™?f^"^^ ^ t^^ru^T^ ™ °V*^'

■'mod.. Aim. ind UM^ ^ Uni«, «™™™r.-. Amtri^i to fl™BBN8i8; cf. C. E Xy---204d), in former German

Aumiean Joumai of Titaalan. XXIV (1930). 22i: JouKia, East Afnca, now under Belgian and British mandates,

PoUcy of ProMiani Sp^pid CAurc*. loo. cit 181; Omlob is confided to the White Fathers and had (1920) 10

m^^'^vT\oT'1T\^ m!^^"^t^ ^Jjt' "UUona, 3678 Catholics, 2889 catechumens, 33 mia-

[-n.ud'c'WrA 0/ Cannula Joe /oit.v (1*01^1.4^5; .4niti^V lo pre- uonariefl, 72 catechists, 6 nuns of OuT Lady of Africa,

«ijn«. loo, ui.,Bi7i CKoa«ix,FrBjiMmiCrt.daiB^BijUunim 13 sUtifHu with rewdent priests, 26 schools with 866

\\t)-' ChriMian Unilu puP""! ana ou mBHi.uuonH oi cnanty. The mission

<u ~ «^<, ,«ikJ"o[ Fod^T Council, i(i6B-iii2 (New York. IS Under the administration of Rt. Rev. Pierre-Henri

H13); Libraru of ChriUian Co-nperalim, rmotA ISIl ' " ..... .......

Huttrv 0/ uU Prltrtl Csunnl ^utford. IStfl); Chrutian I/nilir

13 8tati<HU with reudent priests, 26 sc pupils, and 30 institutions of charity.

lis. (Nbw York, tei71 ; frdira oDtmy); Wilson. Bpitcopacy

monthly); V cplMOpiil ml

1013) ; Headum, Unyanyembe, 27 June, 1012, consecrated II August

'"?.SSf^„'*"" of t^e same year. He resides at Ushirombo or

^'™'  ^""'- Tabora. 

pc^i^'ua-^'7>^ri!i^'Du^piua'a2c^B.'im'h Upp«r MUa, Vicariate Apostolic of (Nili

1 Nsv YMk, lejO)

_..^. _ , alu»-Prot«tant (N . ..

19l0i : Cobb. ThtUatninjia/ChrUlianUaiiyiNtti York, I9ii):

.. „ . . . r, . .. n p,^^ (London. 1B08); -„— , . __. „■ v»,»„

(\W York 10141 Okurdi. Anglican d» SupBWORis; ct. C. E., XV— 205b), comprises the

^hisl litentura on Ibe World CoaSrttDee im mnUined in MStera portion Of Uganda, On the Nile. The first

Eta iuued throufh its ■«»[»¥. Kobeit Osjilincr, Gudi. vicsT of this territory , Rt. Rev. Heniv H anion, of the

ChiHh^.^tL^tt,f CoSf.^^ Kh:^"t^ w«w cJ^ Congregation of Foreign Missions of MiU Hill, Lon-

^^iTS^m of Unitu: lol Idbk. Owihom o/FaiiA and doi, to whom it is entrusted, was succeeded in June,

,.. ^utniitTaiian Au Uu Pnpoiid dnftrma: 17. Ideu. 1912, by Rt. Rev. John Biermans, titular Bishop of

-iw^Svtl^V^l^'°i?'!'^^^'TtnhS^,^'M°^ Gargara. Bishop Biennans' first work was to make

^f.^^^'^Hl^^T^ w«w cJ^ Congregation of Foreign Missions of MiU Hill, Lon-

ftrnamiiKt PrahStm of Unity: \^'. Idkm. Qur^'om of Faith and don, to whom it is entrusted. Was succeeded in June.

Oritr for Cimndtraium im Oie Pnpo4td dnftrma: 17. Ideu. 1912, by Rt. Rev. John Biermans, titular Bishop of

Aw£S^,S,^7^K^'°u'a'^2%'T^oli^^'M°S^ Gargara. Bishop Biennans' first work was to n ' -

«fConi^«u.:22.A,fon<,fU,tDtpJ!iim.'to8wiUandi\,Ba.t. "o u^ent appeal for funds m order to bring il_

IBIS; 33. ffipurt of Priiiminaru MerixnB oi Oturta. Svniirriani. Dnests to this mission. The old Fathers, most of

'^Vu^-t'^i^^^^^at^u^^^atTcr'^G'^ w*""" *>*<* •>**° laboring in this unhealthy climate

DraALOtsi-tiiRi.^PBrBer^taiy orEiiats, buBiMbcenpubLiibni from the foundation of the vicariate, were oroken in

in»w4»nK«n«inphlrt. b»lth and new energy was badly needed. The

v£r'5^£ l^l™^J^iii"bS!Sf^'£^;^VflS^?'^?l55r biahop's appeal met with ready response, particularly

?Hm"J;; ^tS'y-^^^^^viSir^Sii^u^ff-B^i in AiSerica^d Holland and within a fJiTyeam ttb

Nrwman (Lootion, 1818); b*tifpol, Lte xiu on Rnini«t in number of priests had increased from thirty-six to

C««i«*ij.(^«rtwlfcVll{iBW.rt^^ fifty. Atramingschooltorcatechistswasestsblished,

iJTid^S^;,SXuX£^;S2^«rS; and a little later the Bukedi and Budama districts

th Roma. „ „ were opened for missions. There are now twecty-

Uerald Hhauobnebbt. ^^Tf» permanent missions, sixteen of which are in the

Union That Nothing Be Iiost, incorporated, under protectorate of Uganda, where there are also one

the laws of the State of New York, is the missionary institution of native Sisters, a boarding school and a

agency of theSocietyof the Atonement (q, v.). This high school. At Kamuli there is a convent with

Society is a new branch of the III Order Regular of school and hospital, and an industrial school. Four-

St. Francis, following closely the Rule of the Friars teen Sisten are working in the territory establishing

Minor, and the Union That Nothing Be Lost has been schools and hospitals as quickly as they can obtain

the almoner of hundreds of thousands of dollars be- the necessary funds. Althoush the mission stations

tween benefactore and the missionariea and their of Kisii and Asumbi were tne only ones actually

work in the past few years. The Socie^ was received destroyed during the World War, the whole vicariate

from An^icanism into the Cathcdio Oiurch in 1900 suffered, and the lowering of the exchange and the

and the Union That Nothing Be Lost was a later increase in prices still impede the progress of the

development; its benefactors number over 40,000. work. In 1921 the vicariate rejoiced with its bishop

There is scarcely any part of the foreifp mission field in the celebration of the silver jubilee of his ordina-

which has not oennated from its mimstrations. tion. According to 1920 statistics this territory has

Diat«l«».-Th. pmident of th. "CteimJ Con. ^,^ C.tboUc., 12 000 ^X^^^^^^^^m

termoe of Unit.™ ind other ChmtUii Churohc" fP^' f" StSS^', 'J.*'™^ """ '**'^ ""'

ii Williun H. Tuft, (on.i.r pi««d«iil uid now ChM '^ "'""'• ""' "*° I'"'"-

JU.U0.0; the Supreme Coiiit of the Hnitrf St.t«i. mmi,«. Asomiocim of (IJHSiK.TOren; rf.

The Unitanans reported m 1S21 a memberehtp in r. .^ vv_99ihl in Ttjilv in imvpra«] hv Mn

tS^^^t^hffitV'^lf'^^S- Gio'Ghiofb'".t'SiS','i,"ihf dS£ oTdS

puedmlh the Bguiee for 1916. Th»lo»ii.po.«bly 23 July, 1858, end nomited to the wo on 28

duetothefiiolli.ltheloo«imi8ofernJJobl5e,t,oi» "mh, 1912. t£o dioeeun Bl.t«tic (1921) reeord

Umtjr..n leuufi to gne up hu orthodox rf- ,^^„ g ^ ^„'|„ (iSntentionnl. iSd Frim

«iil5«/;«.Ji«.i«.<w.n,i,»«.. 1.1.,: i'„s»l.,0. "!"");, > "«»"»'J'., 30 .tudent.; 4 conmnt,

ChircAu (Nn. y.rk, aanu.]). (women); 4 educational establiehments; aunivemty

N. A. WsnEB. a lyMum; a gymuaaium) a technical achool; a