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“Yes, I will swear,” gasped Shaibalini. “But just consider, you are taking away my all. I do not want you, but why should I be made to forego all thought of you?”

Protap snatched away his hand; Shaibalini took it again. Then in a very deep, distinct voice hoarse with tears she began to speak, and said, “Protap, hold my hand firm. Listen Protap, I touch you and swear——I am responsible for your life and death, for your weal and woe. Listen Protap, I swear by you. From to-day I will forget you, from to-day I bid adieu to all happiness, from to-day I will curb my mind, to-day Shaibalini dies.”

Shaibalini drew her hand away and left the log.

“Come,” said Protap in a husky voice, “let us get up on the bank.”

Both got up on the bank.

They cleared the bend on foot. A skiff lay close by. Both got into it and pushed off. None of the two knew that Ramananda Swami had been keenly watching them. The men in the English boat thought that the prisoner had escaped. They went in pursuit, but the skiff soon went out of sight.

Before the plaint against Rupasi was filed, Shaibalini had lost her case.[1]


AFTER Protap’s escape, Ramcharan’s release became easy. He did not remain in the English boat as a prisoner. No one knew that his bullet had wounded

  1. For the allusion see page 80, lines 22-24.