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The night Protap effected his escape, Ramcharan quietly left the boat and slowly walked off. On his way he muttered defamatory words with regard to the parents and sister of Indil Mindil (Englishmen). The leg had been made straight.


THE orb of night was not visible in the firmament to-night. Clouds came and covered up the moon, the stars, the milky-way and the blue sky. They were compact, all-embracing and dark grey with aqueous vapours. Below an infinite darkness. A dense immense all—pervading gloom enshrouded the river, the beach, the shore and the hill-ranges along the banks. In that darkness Shaibalini was alone in a hill valley.

Towards the close of night the boat had halted ashore, leaving the pursuing English boat far behind. The banks of large rivers abound in solitary recesses. In such a recess the skiff was kept. No sooner the boat halted than Shaibalini slipped away from it. On this occasion she had no vicious motive. The same terror which drives a wild animal from a burning forest, also drove Shaibalini from Protap’s company. For her very life she abandoned this world so full of happiness, beauty, affection and other joys of life. Happiness, beauty, love and Protap——in these she had no longer any part or hope—even the very desire had been interdicted. Who could live in close proximity to the object of his desire and yet deny himself! What thirsty Wayfarer in a desert could help drinking the cool, clear fragrant water! With the terrible ravenous devil—fish inhabiting the sea-bottom