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was swept away?———Chandrashekhar. What are the two banks?—I cannot say.” Then turning to Chandrashekhar she asked, “ Do you know Chandrashekhar?”

“I am Chandrashekhar myself,” said Chandrashekhar in reply.

Like a tigress, at one bound she fastened herself to his neck, and without uttering another word began to weep. Oh how long she wept! Chandrashekhar’s back, throat, breast, dress and arms, were all flooded. Chandrashekhar also wept.

“I will go with you,” said Shaibalini weeping.

“Then come,” said Chandrashekhar.

“You will not beat me, will you?” asked Shaibalini.

“No, certainly not,” said Chandrashekhar.

Chandrashekhar elaborated a sigh and stood up. Shaibalini also rose. With a mournful countenance Chandrashekhar went in advance, the maniac followed. She laughed, wept and sang, as suited her fancy.