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WHAT I have omitted in the foregoing narrative, I shall now tell in brief. That Chandrashekhar is the ascetic alluded to before must be clear enough to the reader.

The day Amyatt left Monghyr, accompanied with Foster, Ramananda Swami came to know in the course of his enquiries, that the latter along with Dalani Begum and others had gone with Amyatt. On the bank of the Ganges, Ramananda Swami met Chandrashekhar. After imparting this news to him he said, “What’s the good of your staying here any longer? You had better go back to your home. I will send Shaibalini to Benares. Now begin to act according to your vow of living for others. This daughter of Islam is virtuous; she is now in danger, you had better follow her. Don’t lose any opportunity of rescuing her. Protap is also related to you in some sort and is your well-wisher; it is only foryour sake that he is in this miserable plight. You shouldn’t forsake him now; go, follow them.” Chandrashekhar wanted to inform the Nawab, but Ramananda Swami advised him not to do it and said, “I will see to that myself.” The behest of his spiritual guide left Chandrashekhar no choice, and taking a small skiff he